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Blogging To-Do List

imageWeek 1’s assignment for the 2010 Blog Improvement Project is to create a blogging to-do list.

While I’m not a big fan of to-do lists, I like the idea of this one because there’s no time element attached to it. I think what I’m most resistant to, when it comes to to-do lists, is the whole daily/weekly/monthly/yearly aspect of them.

But if I think of the to-do list as a goals list instead, it’s a much smoother, easier thing for me.

I also like that the point of this to-do list is to be specific, rather than vague. And I’m going to keep this list flexible, coming back to it to add things (and delete things) if necessary.

Blogging To-Do List

  1. Implement new theme. I have my eye on a new theme, which I hope to purchase soon.
  2. New header design. I’ll need a new header to go along with my new theme.
  3. Brainstorm new tag line. I’d like to have a tag line about MsBookish that says it all; I’ve been playing around with a few phrases but nothing seems to catch what I’m wanting to do with this blog so far.
  4. Deciding what I really want to do here. Having said that bit above about the tag line, I also need to decide what it is that I really want to do here. I still want to talk about books and writing, but most of all, I find I enjoy being able to write about whatever topic catches my interest.
  5. Prune my categories. I’d like to have a lot fewer, much broader categories, and rely on my tags for more detailed categorization of posts.
  6. Add new tags. Since some of my existing categories are more appropriate as tags, I’ll be going through each of my posts and adding in new tags.
  7. Update my blogroll pages. My blogroll pages are sadly out of date, plus I need to add a new blogroll page for blogs I follow that aren’t writing or book blogs.
  8. Revise my review policy. I’m not really doing reviews anymore; instead, I prefer to talk about different books I’m reading in general blog posts that aren’t labeled “Review”. I find I’m much happier chatting about books I’m reading, have read or want to read; it also means I don’t procrastinate about writing up posts, which is a bonus. I’ve been letting publicists and authors know this when they email me, but it’s probably time to revise my review policy, too.
  9. (Possibly) add new features. I’m always tempted by the idea of new features, but sticking to a schedule has never been my strong point.
  10. Update my sidebar items. Lots of clutter up there right now. With the implementation of the new look, I’ll have to do something about that. I also have a hard time keeping my “Currently Reading” titles in the sidebar up-to-date, mainly because I tend to have five or six books on the go any given day, and on any given day, those books change regularly.

That’s it so far! Whether or not you’re participating in BIP, do you have some sort of blogging goals list? I’d be interested to know what things are on your blogging to-do list!

Odds and Ends

It’s been quite a week – I’ve finished a couple of deadlines, spent Wednesday morning getting a test done (no worries, all is well), Wednesday night feeling pleasantly drowsy, pampered and well-fed, (oh, and I spent Tuesday night very hungry since my test required an all-liquid diet the day before), and today I finally managed to get back into Twitter and Facebook mode after having to stay away during the weeks I was drenched with deadlines.

(I don’t think I mean “drenched”. I think I mean another word, but for the life of me, I can’t think of another suitable word right now.)

So I thought it’s time for a nice odds and ends post!

2010 Blog Improvement Project

I joined the Blog Improvement Project last year, but quite late, after people had already dived into the first few assignments, and I never really did end up truly participating. But since I have plans to revamp the template here, and clean up my categories and tags and things like that (and couldn’t participate in Bloggiesta because of deadline woes), I thought it might be nice to participate this year.

This year the BIP is being run by both Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, who hosted last year’s BIP, and Jackie at Farm Lane Books, and it has it’s own site: 2010 Blog Improvement Project.

Have you joined? What kinds of things are you looking forward to doing this year with your blog?

Work Sanity: The Art of Taking Breaks

During my recent avalanche of deadlines, I made sure to take several breaks each day. In addition to pampering myself with baths, I also used games as incentives. When I finished a chapter, I’d indulge myself with a few rounds of the following games (but beware. They can be addictive.)

Mah Jongg Dimensions. This game is hosted at AARP, but luckily you don’t have to be retired to play it. It seems simple, but you only get five minutes and the second and third levels have a lot more tiles. Very fun.

Yumsters 2. Don’t ask me why I became so beguiled with these musical worms. But I was. And I took that trek across all those countries with them many, many times on my iPhone.

Suduko. I played this on my iPhone – and I admit freely, I finally clued in that Suduko is solved EXACTLY like a logic puzzle. I love logic puzzles. I never loved Suduko. Now I do.

If You Like Cats …

(And I do.) My not-aunt Margaret sent me the link to this video (she’s also the one responsible for the Mah Jongg Dimensions game, too. In fact, I tremble in fear before opening her emails because she finds the most addictive and fun stuff online, guaranteed to fritter away chunks of my time).

This video’s on the long side (and it’s been around for a while, so you might have already seen it), but it is totally worth it (if you like cats, that is).

The bit near the end when Maru plays with the boxes is just priceless!

So those are my odds and ends. I’m really looking forward to the weekend – I have a few days to rest, relax and (fingers crossed) get back to my writing. No, I haven’t forgotten that I am writer, and a writer writes. (Not to mention the manuscript of NANTUCKET which is still waiting for me to read in its entirety for the first time …)

Any odds and ends going on with you?