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Breaking in a new laptop


And the moral of this particular story: don’t transfer over to a new laptop (or PC) after 9:00 pm. Because here it is, midnight, and I’m STILL getting everything set up.

I’m so thankful I’ve been using Chrome, though. Once I downloaded it then entered my account details, it was almost like being back home again! All my add-ons are here, my bookmarks and the passwords I’d saved (most of them, anyway – the important ones I keep in Roboform). And even my history! It was nice being able to type just a few letters and having the usual sites pop into the URL window.

And of course, the important programs:

Windows Live Writer (which I’m writing this on right now) gave me the most problems. It took forever for it to show up after I clicked on it after installation. I took so long, in fact, that I had already clicked Uninstall in the Uninstall Programs window, thinking I had my download had been corrupted and I needed to reinstall it again (have I mentioned, patience is not particular virtue of mine?).

A bit of time was spent trying to figure out how to transfer all the templates I’d already made for the Dynamic Template plugin for Windows Live Writer over to the new laptop (turned out it was as easy as copying the old templates (found under AppData/WLWTemplates in the old computer) and uploading them to Dropbox where I could then install them on the new laptop.

In the past, I’ve had to buy new laptops or PCs in an emergency situations – you know, where your current laptop has gone kaput and you’re stuck without any sort of computer except some old netbook that takes ten minutes to boot up. This time around, I’ve been rather lucky. My laptop has been on its last legs for a while, and I’ve known this time would come. So I’ve been more or less prepared. And as it happens, the book-reading demon’s laptop was in an even worse state than mine (it was about six years old, which in computer age, I gather, is rather decrepit) and we were already on the lookout for a good sale price for a laptop for him.

We found one, it looked rather good, so we decided to buy two. And it was a good thing, too. It turns out my old one was just hanging in there for me, because once I got all the files transferred to the external hard drive, it started acting all funky – I couldn’t even open up Chrome.

I still have to download iTunes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that will work out okay. I don’t want to get to bed too late. Trying to be a sort of morning person and everything, right?

I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about Windows 8. So here I am, not complaining about Windows 8. (I’m kidding – it’s actually not as bad as I’d anticipated. Maybe that’s the key to a smooth transition to something new – have very low expectations.)

And hey! I’m now scheduling posts, so I’m writing this the night before! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while …

Don’t you just hate all the work of transferring over to a new computer/laptop, even though you’re happy you’ve got a new one? And do you schedule your posts?