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Using Byword

I’ve been trying to get back on-track in terms of being more productive, especially right now when my work deadlines are lighter than they will be come winter. One of the things I’ve been exploring is using my iPhone to do some of the things I’d normally do with my laptop, because I’ve noticed, when I’m not working, I’m on my iPhone a lot. (I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.).

I’m developing a kind of “system” using a number of iPhone apps, and I’m finding I’m using plain text files a lot, and syncing them to Dropbox, so I can have easy access to whatever I’m working on, on a number of different devices. Because of this, I also wanted to be able to use Markdown for formatting.


After looking around on Google, I decided on Byword, a Markdown text editor for IOS that has an impressive set of features. These features include:

  • easy Markdown editing
  • Markdown preview
  • syncs with Dropbox or iCloud
  • highlighted Markdown syntax
  • several exporting options
  • premium upgrade for publishing

Premium upgrade

A premium upgrade from within the app gives you the ability to publish to Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Scriptogram blogs, as well as saving formatted notes to Evernote. The upgrade makes it much quicker to publish your posts,, but if you have the app for your specific blogging platform already on your device, you can just copy the HTML and paste it into the app.

What’s nice about publishing directly from the app, at least when it comes to WordPress, is that you can set your tags and categories, and also set your post status to draft if you prefer. (I’m just going by what I’ve been reading in reviews online, since I haven’t yet purchased the premium upgrade. For this post, I’m just copying the HTML and pasting it into my WordPress app.)


The one thing Byword doesn’t do is upload images, which would be quite a nice feature if you’ve also purchased the premium upgrade. You can, however, use Markdown to link to an image URL. If you’re using WordPress, one workaround is to upload the image you want to use via the WordPress app and then use the image link to embed it on Byword.

Like this (I took this picture on my walk yesterday morning):

Flowers I Saw During this Mornings Walk

This is a test post

Basically, this is a test post, to see how Byword works for me when it comes to blogging. I’m really hoping it will make me more productive, both with my writing and with my blogging.

Some Wednesday Random

It’s Wednesday, and I can’t think of a thing to blog about – so I’m falling back on the old tried and true. Random!

I’m a Happy Information Junkie This Week.

I finally figured out a way to keep an eye on all the links and fun things I find interesting online, without feeling information overload! And it’s all due to my iPad. Last week I spent a bit of time testing out various apps and I’ve now settled on some essential ones that have made my info-surfing life so much easier.

On the agenda: I’ll be writing up a post about the apps I’m now using. (Always nice to know what I’ll be writing about!).

And I’m Sharing My Finds on Twitter.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (and … ahem … if you’re not, here’s the link to my Twitter profile) might have noticed I’m doing something a little differently these days. I’ve been tweeting links to all the stuff I find terribly amusing or interesting or just plain mind-boggling.

I can’t help it. Seriously, some of this stuff is just too good not to share!

Sniff … Reamde Has to Go Back to the Library.

So I’ve had that big brick of a book, Reamde, by Neal Stephenson, for almost three weeks now. And I haven’t touched it. It’s just such a BIG book, so every time I look at it, I think to myself, I really need to make sure I have a nice chunk of time to curl up with it.


And of course, that never happened. And since this is a relatively new book, I can’t renew it, because there are lots of other eager readers just waiting to get their hot little hands on it.

Sigh. I hate when this kind of thing happens. I actually have it in audio, too, but I already know it will take me even longer to listen to it than it would for me to read it so I might as well just add myself back to the “hold” queue at the library.

The Art of Letter Writing

Okay, so no-one’s going to be too surprised that I wasn’t able to stick to writing a letter a day last month. No, not even though it was a short month (although with that leap day, it really wasn’t that much shorter …).

But I had some good excuses. Like the flu going through the family, which just about wiped out two weeks of the month.

Despite not writing a letter a day last month, I’ve been well and truly bitten by the handwritten letter bug. I’ve enjoyed getting letters from people, and I’ve enjoyed writing the letters I did write. So I’ve decided to just keep on doing this indefinitely.

Not, of course, a letter a day. But several a month. It’s going to be fun!

The Everyday Writer

Last bit of random for now. I’ve been having a hard time getting back into a writing routine. And then yesterday, I came across this blog post by Seth Godin.

Writer’s block isn’t hard to cure.

Just write poorly. Continue to write poorly, in public, until you can write better.

(The emphasis is mine.)

I decided to take this advice to heart, and last night, I created The Everyday Writer. And this morning, I wrote my first post. My plan is to choose a different writing prompt generator every day (if you click through, you’ll see I have several of them in the sidebar), and then write a little something. Something short, that’s fictional, but Not of the Utmost Importance (the very opposite of the way I think of my writing-in-progress as Being of the Utmost Importance – which, by the way, is one sure-fire way to drum up a bad case of writer’s block).

And I’m adding this into my Wednesday Random because I’ve got to fulfill the “in public” part of the whole shebang.

So those are my latest bits of random! What random bits and pieces do you have going on these days?