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An Unexpected Evening In

Dylan (my youngest) and I had been planning to go out for dinner with my daughter Hayley. With my deadlines winding down, it was nice to be able to schedule a bit of time out and about. Originally it was just supposed to be me and Hayley, but my husband was going to a piano concert thing and my older son was going out with friends so there was no-one to stay home with Dylan.

We’d planned to go out to one of our favourite Japanese restaurants, where Hayley and I would have had sushi and sashimi and Dylan would have udon noodles and some sushi.

But Hayley has been just as busy as me. This past week she’s been working on her thesis film, and she called and admitted she was so exhausted from shooting she thought she’d better stay home and rest – especially since she had a meeting scheduled for immediately after our dinner.

I was disappointed … but … it did mean more time for reading!

So Dylan and I popped over to the local Japanese sushi take-out place, which has wonderfully fresh sushi, and we ordered sushi and sashimi, and a bento box for our unexpected evening in. (One of the reasons I love living in the city: so many things are within “pop out for” distance.)

Sushi 2My sushi and sashimi dinner

There was actually more in this box of sushi and sashimi, but I am required (by some law made up by Dylan, I think) to give Dylan all my salmon sushi.

Sushi 1Here’s where my salmon sushi went

For a kid who’s a picky eater, it’s always so surprising that he loves salmon sushi. And smoked salmon, too. He’s only allowed to have five pieces and what do you know? I happen to have five pieces of salmon sushi in my salmon and sushi dinner. Interesting how it all works out like that, isn’t it?

Now we’ve eaten, and I just finished up my freelance blogging assignments for today. So I’m ready to spend the night with this book:

blood harvest by sj boltonMy copy has a different cover …

I’d been dipping into Blood Harvest during my breaks today, and it’s starting to get good. So it will nice to have the evening to spend reading it!

How was your evening? Did you have a bookish Friday night?