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365 Days of Story Seeds

365 story seeds

One of my goals for 2015 is to complete a 365 day project. I have a 365 day reading project that I’ve already posted about (my Short Story a Day project) but I wanted to do a 365 day project that was writing-related.

So, on January 1, I started my 365 Days of Story Seeds project. Every day, I pick two writing prompts from my box of prompts, and paste them into my notebook. I’m not writing a full scene for each prompt; I’ve tried to do that before and it stopped being fun because it wasn’t always easy getting a full scene from a prompt or two.

Instead, I write two or three sentences. Snippets of dialogue, some description. A couple of times I started off with “What if …” and wrote out the idea the prompts inspired instead.

When I’m done, I upload a picture of the prompts to the Tumblr blog I hastily started up for the project: 365 Story Seeds. Other than posting to this Tumblr, I haven’t had time to do much else with it, so right now it’s using the default Tumblr template. (But finding a new template for it is on my Bloggiesta list of to-dos for Monday!)

It’s been fun, and pretty quick and easy, too. I’ve been doing the prompts right before bed, but I try to pick the next day’s prompts right after, on the theory that this gives my subconscious mind 24 hours to do something with them. I don’t think that’s been working well so far, though, because honestly, I’ve been forgetting the prompts almost as soon as I’ve glued them into my notebook!

My favourites so far? It’s hard to pick, because I haven’t really written any particular story seeds that have jumped out at me yet. Probably these are the ones I like best so far:




And hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a notebook filled with story seeds, some of which may spark a longer story!