Sunday Snapshot: All the Books

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Everyone’s coming out with their “Best _____ Books of 2015″ and I spend most of the time saying to myself, “I want to read ALL THE BOOKS”, and then I look at all my TBR titles and try not to get too depressed that it’s not that likely to happen. Not that likely to happen? More like an impossibility.

Especially not when I’m madly adding even more titles to my various lists.

On the other hand, it’s fun. Not only that, it’s free fun. Free fun is always a great thing, if you ask me. I can pleasurably while away a couple of hours here and there browsing Best Of … lists, with my library‘s website open in a separate tab. Not that I put everything I find on hold, because we all know what happens when you go down that road:

They all come in at once. It never fails. You don’t hear from the library for ages, and then suddenly one day you get umpteen emails. Your holds have come in! Argh!

So what I do is send the books I want to read but not frantically so to a special Trello list I’ve got set up. There’s a handy little bookmarklet that lets me quickly add the link to the book on my library’s site to my list—so easy!

And now, here’s today’s Snapshot:

Feeling: Well rested – because I slept in today! For the first time in quite a while. My body is feeling very thankful. I definitely needed those extra hours.

Reading: Yesterday Dylan and I started reading Illuminae, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I’d come across a blog post somewhere where the blogger had said it was a fabulous book to read with your kids—and she is so right! But it’s also a fabulous book to read on your own, and the only thing that’s stopped me from plowing ahead with it on my own (without Dylan knowing, of course) is my workload. If you love novels that are made up of memos, texts, messages, interviews etc., and you like science fiction, this is definitely a novel you should check out.

So much fun!


Listening: November was really busy for me work-wise, and December has shaped up to be the same, so I’ve been doing re-listens to help wind down in the evenings. I finished a re-listen of Reginald Hill’s The Price of Butcher’s Meat, one of my absolute favourite audiobooks. My copy is called A Cure for All Diseases, which is what the book was released as in Canada and the UK (and it makes more sense to me than The Price of Butcher’s Meat—one day I’ll have to look into why the publisher felt it needed a different title in the States).

I am now doing a re-listen of Relic, the first Agent Pendergast book by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and my favourite of all the Pendergast books.

Writing: Nothing. {insert big sigh here} I’m hoping things will change in January. But I’m just so busy with work right now.

Working: November to January are traditionally the busiest indexing months of the year for me, and this year has proven to be no different. So yes, I am STILL NOT FULLY UNPACKED. I would take a picture of all the boxes I have left but it’s too depressing to even think about.

To add insult to injury, I somehow agreed to work on two chemistry textbooks this month. One is bad enough, but two?! I don’t know how it happened. (Well, okay, actually, I do—I hate to turn down work. It’s been my downfall many a time.)

I had, however, turned down a third chemistry book a few months ago, which would probably have been due this month as well. Thank goodness. The reason I turned that one down is because I actually remembered working on it about three years ago. I might have blogged about it: it was the project that gave me hives. I literally broke out in hives all over my lower jaw!

Creating: {Insert another big sigh here.} I’m hoping I’ll do better in the new year.

So that’s my snapshot for today. How have you all been doing? Do you have any “Best of 2015″ book lists you’d recommend?

18 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: All the Books

  1. Ti

    I love Relic! I’ve read it a couple of times.

    How are you doing? Unpacking is a drag, I know. I wish I was there to help.

    I am not reading much these days. My brain is all over the place.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I’m feeling really good about things today – finally! I think it was getting the extra sleep that did it.

      I figure I will probably not be unpacked until mid-January, and I’ll just have to accept this. But my books are all unpacked! So the important stuff is done :)

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      It’s like finding a treasure trove, isn’t it, Melissa? I’ve started bookmarking the lists I find, for more fun later :)

  2. Tasha B (heidenkind)

    Not only will all your library holds come in at once, but they’ll come in at the worst possible time – e.g., the day you’re leaving on vacation.

  3. Beth F

    I’m in my lull before ALL THE WORK hits me in late January. Good for you for turning down the hive-inducing book. I have a copy of Illuminae … I guess I should read it. :)

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I’m branching out into editing next year, Candace. So our schedules may finally coincide, with both of us being busy at the same times of the year!

  4. Care

    YAY, it’s good to hear the upbeatness in your post tone, Even if you are busy, it seems like you are in a good place, yes? I think reading that book with your son is awesome and such a special treasurable memory maker.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      You are SO astute, Care! Yes, I have been feeling more and more myself lately, although I must admit, it’s still very much a day-to-day thing, and I still have some rather bad days. So all I can do is take things a day at a time. But it’s been getting easier, and I’m starting to remember again who I am, which is nice.

      Just saw your other comment – YAY for The Mixed-Up Files! I hope you enjoy it.

  5. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    Glad to hear you’re getting some rest with all you’ve got going on! The indexing sounds crazy – especially with the chemistry textbooks. I hated chemistry and heaved a huge sigh of relief when I was finished so I can’t even imagine indexing a textbook. I can see why you got hives! Illuminae sounds interesting and I’ve heard fabulous things about it. I’m trying to resist the Best of lists but my willpower is very low. Have a great week!

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I hated chemistry too, Katherine. On the bright side, at least no-one will be grading me after I complete these two indexes :) Hope you have a great week too!


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