Sunday Morning Walk: Meditation (sort of), Observations, and Distractions

I’ve been loving my morning walks, but one thing that’s gotten shifted to the side as a result is my meditation. My mornings are now so full, and when I get back from my walk, I’m just not feeling in the meditation spirit.

So this morning I decided to try a walking meditation. A friend of mine had sent me this YouTube meditation, which she highly recommended:

So I thought I’d give it a try today, while I was walking. As soon as I finished the running portion of my walk (I’m up to, oh, maybe five minutes now?) I slipped on my earbuds and played the meditation.

It’s a beautiful meditation, but it turned out I just can’t do the walk and meditate thing. After fifteen minutes, I absolutely had to stop and sit, so that I could finish the meditation. I found a beautiful spot where I could watch the waves come in, and the final fifteen minutes were really lovely.


On my way back, I let myself observe everything the way I normally do on my walks (when I’m not trying to meditate). No wonder I found it so hard to meditate while I was walking!

There are so many people out and about along Toronto’s Harbourfront. One of the things I love doing is people watching, and it turns out I spend a lot of my walking time doing that.

And the distractions? Well, on my way back, a bird divebombed me. It felt like it landed on my head and immediately took off again. When I got home I made everyone check my head to make sure I didn’t have a bird scratch or two on  my scalp.

It’s a good thing I haven’t been reading du Maurier’s “The Birds” at the time, or I probably would have run all the way back home.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Walk: Meditation (sort of), Observations, and Distractions

  1. Athira

    We so wanted to see the Harborfront when we were in Toronto two months ago but it was too cold and too windy, so that didn’t pan out. It looks like a beautiful place. So glad that your walks are working out.

  2. Darlene

    It sounds like you have a lovely walking path. I just go in my neighborhood with my dog and it’s ok but not as beautiful as sitting by the water for a bit. I couldn’t meditate while walking but I do listen to audiobooks. I’d be scared of sleeping on my feet if I was listening to a meditation. The whole bird incident would have freaked me out!

  3. Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...

    Glad that you’re enjoying your walks, even if you can’t fit in meditation. I’ve found that I can’t really do anything else when I take walks as I’m too busy looking around and keeping an eye on my dog. Love the idea of sitting by the water and listening to the meditation tape, as that sounds so peaceful. Hope you’re able to fit it back into your schedule somehow!


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