Want To See The State of My TBR? What’s On My Desk Wednesday

I got tagged last week by J. Kaye for the What’s On My Desk Wednesday meme. My heart kind of sank because the state of my desk when I got tagged was really really dismal. (I actually had to move a stack of books in order to see the little date thing in the bottom right hand corner of my monitor. It’s better now, but no worries – I didn’t cheat. I took my pic on the day I got tagged. And it’s not a picture of my desk, either.)

I realized there was a loophole (can you guess what my post-graduate degree is in?) – here are the rules, from Sassy Brit’s blog (I added the bolding to highlight the nice little loophole):

Grab a camera and take a photo of your desk! Or anywhere you stack your books/TBR pile. And no tidying!

Add this photo to your blog.

Tag at least 5 people!

Come back here and leave a link back to your photo in the comments section.

That’s it.

Since I have several TBR piles on the go all around the house, I realized I was saved. I could still play and NOT take a picture of my extremely messy desk.

In the interests of full disclosure (ah, another hint about the life I was supposed to lead), I do admit that I took something like 30 different shots of this TBR pile before picking this one as being the tidiest looking one:


This is a picture of the TBR stack that resides on the floor to the left of my desk. In case you’re wondering, the two separate piles of papers are work-related manuscript proofs. There’s also a box of file folders in there. Behind the two stacks on the right hand side is another shelf stuffed with more TBRs. The box that you see in the lower right front corner is from Harlequin – I’ve decided to give romance a try (mainly because of this blog), but haven’t gotten around to opening the box yet.

In the shelf above the two stacks on the right hand side is my shelf of notebooks. Yes, in addition to being a book-aholic, I’m also a notebook junkie. I admit it.

Embarrassing, isn’t it? But nowhere near as embarrassing as my desk!

I hereby tag the following bloggers – these are the bloggers whose desks/TBR piles I’d love a glimpse of!

Diane at The Book Resort. Diane is my cozy mystery guru, and she reads and reviews so many books, I’m dying to see what her TBR piles look like (and maybe catch a glimpse of some upcoming reviews).

CarrieK at Books and Movies. Carrie’s “book lists” are really impressive – she has excellent taste in books and I trust her recommendations absolutely, another good reason to catch a glimpse of her TBR pile.

Debbie at Debbie’s World of Books. Debbie has such a wonderful style in her book reviews, and offers an eclectic mix of reviews. A sneak peak at what’s coming up next would be wonderful.

Joanne at The Book Zombie. Joanne has done more than her fair share in terms of adding to my list of books to search out; I have several graphic novels that I’m trying to pin down and get a hold of because of her excellent reviews. I figured, it’s payback time.

Rebecca at I’m Lost In Books. I love reading Rebecca’s blog because she has such a wonderfully eclectic taste, and I’m sure to find something interesting every single time I visit her blog. It all adds up to one thing: I really want to see your TBR pile, Rebecca!

and (I know this is a little strange) Dennis Denis, husband of Cathy of Kittling Books.

I don’t know if this kind of thing is actually allowed within the parameters of the rules, since Dennis Denis isn’t a blogger, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Dennis Denis, you are free to decline! But Cathy’s husband is definitely a reader (Don’t you think Cathy is so lucky? My husband cooks, but he doesn’t read. Even more impressive, Cathy’s husband likes Deborah Crombie’s books. And I won’t even mention the netbook he recently surprised her with) and most importantly, Cathy and I recently had a Twitter conversation about messy desks; she says her husband’s has to be the messiest of all time, but I personally think my desk has his beat. (I would tag Cathy, but she was actually tagged in the same round as I was … that’s my excuse, anyway.)

22 thoughts on “Want To See The State of My TBR? What’s On My Desk Wednesday

  1. MarthaAndMe

    Love this! What a great idea! My TBR pile is always small though. I’m usually waiting for things to come in at the library and have just a few books around that I’ve actually bought.

  2. Cathy

    I would’ve had to take several photos if I’d gone for the loophole! And Belle…I turned around to take a look at Denis’s desk, and…he’s actually cleaned it off. I think you just might be the winner of this round. I will take a photo as proof.

  3. Carrie K.

    Fun meme! I’ll definitely play along, as soon as I can get my daughter to take a picture of one of my stacks for me. She’s the camera-savvy one in our family. :)

  4. Ann-Kat

    Now I don’t feel quite so bad about my stack. LOL

    Frankly, though, my library has grown so large that I’ve decided to go through it all and separate the books into three piles: 1) love it and am keeping it; 2) tbr and still want to read; and 3) time to say good-bye.

    For all the books that land under number 3 (and I’m planning to be ruthless here), I’ll either give them away or donate them to my local library.
    .-= Ann-Kat´s last blog ..Waiting on Wednesday: Hey, Where Did Those Deformed Triplets Come From? Oh, Divine Conception You Say. =-.

  5. Sassy Brit

    Hi! Thanks for playing along. I went out last night so I am playing catch up – since I couldn’t respond to posts straight away.

    So, that’s your tidiest stack? I love it! And you know what — I am a notebook junkie, too. I try to stick to using just one at a time, which I almost do, but then I spot another nice looking notebook and have to get that…they pile up just as much as my books!

    If it’s all right with you can I add your picture to my What’s on Your Desk Wednesday? Flickr photo set – I will credit you, of course, and add a link back to this lovely blog.

    Take care, and thanks again.

    .-= Sassy Brit´s last blog ..Review : Androgynous Murder House Party =-.

  6. Susan @ Reading Upside Down

    Like others have mentioned, I’m feeling very reassured by the size of your TBR pile. My desk is about the only place in my home where I don’t stack books (too many piles of paper – the books might slide off). I would need several photos to capture my own TBR pile though.

  7. Belle

    I feel very comforted that many of you have TBRs in the same state as mine, or worse. Although I can’t imagine worse – this is only one of my TBR piles, and at the time I took this picture, it was the tidiest one! I’ve since cleaned off my desk and tidied up most of my other piles, so everything looks relatively neat. For now!

  8. Marie

    My TBR pile looks pretty bad right about now too — and yet I keep going to the library as well. Drives my husband slightly batty — but then he reads the same book over and over so I ignore him :-) Thanks for the links, I always enjoy finding new blogs to visit — not that I need more reading suggestions — really, I don’t :-)

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