Some Sunday Random

I missed posting yesterday but with good reason—my mother fell while running for the bus and ended up fracturing her hip. I spent the evening at the hospital and this morning she went into surgery.

Fortunately my mother is very healthy; she’s physically active, meditates regularly and has an extremely busy schedule most days. She broke the ball in the joint of her hip, so that’s all they’re replacing—it’s not a full hip replacement. They expect her to be able to put some weight on it by tomorrow, so it sounds like recovery time should be fairly quick.

I think the hardest part of the process will be keeping her in bed to fully recuperate. She asked the orthopaedic surgeon if she’d be able to walk again. He said, “Of course.” So then she asked him, “What about running? Will I be able to run?” He looked at her and said, “Were you running before?” and she said, “Of course I was.”

Update: My mom’s doing well after the surgery, still a little sleepy but looking good. Thanks everyone, for all the well wishes!


We’re also dealing with sick kitties too. Poor Hobbes went from his seasonal allergy which was causing him to scratch himself bloody to an upper respiratory inspection which is likely to be feline herpes syndrome. It’s quite a common condition in cats—many of them get the virus when they’re kittens and it tends to manifest when they’re stressed, which Hobbes has definitely been lately. The treatment consists of dosing him with the amino acid lysine.

We were hoping Creeper would be fine, but his eyes started running yesterday and today he sneezed a few times. So he’s on the lysine too—much easier with him as he’s the one who’s the big eater around here.


So there’s going to be lots of recuperation going on around here! That’s been my weekend so far. How is your weekend going?

15 thoughts on “Some Sunday Random

  1. Care

    A gentle hug and a big loud YOU GO GIRL! high five to your mom – she sounds like a dynamo. And poor kitties sympathies for the felines. Happy New Week!

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    Wow! Sounds like you’ve had a rough week. The phrase broken hip always scare me but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be and it says like your mother is in great shape. My grandfather had a full hip replacement done a few years ago when he was in his late 80s and was back on his feet incredibly quickly. So I’m sure all will go great. Hopefully this next week will be more relaxing!

  3. Athira

    Oh no, that’s a bummer that everyone gets sick together, though sometimes that’s better. I hope your kitties recover quickly and your mother is up and running asap! I know what you mean about trying to keep her rested.

  4. Kay

    So sorry about your mother’s hip fracture. Here’s hoping all goes well and she’ll be back running before she knows it. And thinking good thoughts for your kitties.


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