Snapshot: March 31, 2015

Time: 12:54 a.m.

Feeling: Tired. The book-reading demon had a stomach flu bug on Friday night. Dylan got it on Sunday. With the deadlines I’ve got this week, this is definitely NOT the time for me to come down with stomach flu. (Not that there’s ever any good time for it, but you know what I mean, right?)

Eating: The book-reading demon made the pork meatballs banh mi recipe from the Eat St. cookbook and they were really tasty. So today he tried it with ground chicken rather than ground pork. Unfortunately, the texture’s not quite there. Our next experiment? (Don’t you just love how I say “our next experiment” when really, he’s going to do the cooking, I just come up with the ideas?) A half ground pork-half-ground chicken combo.

Drinking: I had my wine, so now I’m having some milk kefir. Hoping the probiotics will keep the stomach flu bugs at bay.

Reading: I’d like to finish S.J. Bolton’s Like This, For Ever, just so I can add it to my “books read in March list” (I know, I know. But sometimes I need that carrot.)


I probably won’t be able to do very much reading the rest of this week. I’m thinking I might try to dip into a comic or two when I have a free moment.

Listening: I just finished listening to Veronica Mars: The Ten Thousand Dollar Tan Line today. It was good! So good, I want to listen to the next one, Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell, right now. Only I don’t have it, so I guess that won’t happen, not this week anyway. I’ve put a hold on it at the library, so hopefully it will come through soon.

Writing: Nothing. Sigh.

Working: Just finished up an indexing deadline. Possibly have another one index due later this week, only I don’t have all the chapters so it may be delayed. Finished one article for Monday, and have another one due this Friday.

Discoveries: It’s been a while since I used my standing desk set-up. I stood the entire day today while I was finishing up the index that’s due tomorrow and OMG, my legs are just killing me. I feel like I’ve been exercising non-stop. Which is probably a good sign, right? Surely it means all this standing is giving my leg muscles a workout?

Looking forward to: Not getting the stomach flu. Haha! (Hope I didn’t just jinx myself …)

8 thoughts on “Snapshot: March 31, 2015

  1. Vasilly

    I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that you don’t get the stomach flu. My son’s stomach has been acting funny lately, so I know how it can stop you from doing so much.

  2. Kay

    Hex on the stomach flu. I hate getting that so very much. Worst thing ever.

    Think that doing a pork/chicken mix might be a good idea. Will make it more dense.

    OK, is that one of the Bolton books that has a different name in the US? Is it Lost? Yes, I just look it up. It is known as Lost in the US. Really good book.

    Standing desk. My husband has one at his work to use periodically. I used to work with a lady who had a treadmill. I never saw it moving, but she stood on it all the time in front of her laptop.

  3. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I totally understand about needing that carrot! I’m the same way. I’ve been known to be frantically reading at 11:30 on New Year’s Eve because I don’t want a book to carry over AND there’s a goal I want to hit. Fingers crossed on the probiotics! Stomach bugs are no fun.

  4. Suey

    I’m worried that you ended up sick! Is it weird that since you didn’t post today, or tweet, or come to chat that I’ve come to this conclusion? If I’m right… get better soon!!!

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      Yes, I was sick, Suey! Thanks for checking on – I just woke up and am considering heading gingerly into my day. It was more flu than stomach flu and I seem to have slept through most of the last 24 hours! I’m so sad that I missed the chat :(


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