Snapshot: June 2, 2015

Time: 3:19 pm

Feeling: A little disappointed. I worked late last night, which meant I was late getting to bed, which means I woke up later than I have been recently … which means I didn’t have my morning walk.

The plan is to go for a walk when Dylan’s at his dance class. Only problem is, I’ll be carrying my handbag so I don’t know how pleasurable it will be walking and lugging that thing around with me at the same time …

Eating: Ward recently made this Thai Celery Salad with Peanuts, and when I tasted it, I said, “We absolutely have to add cooked shrimp to this!” (Notice the we? *cough*) So he made it again, only this time he added a bag of cooked shrimp, which he chopped into half-inch pieces.

And I was right. It IS delicious! A perfect summer salad. So if you do want to give the recipe a try, I’d suggest you add shrimp for an entreé-ready dish.

Thai Celery and Shrimp Salad

Drinking: I really could use another coffee. Might make another decaf.



Why, Misery, of course, for Care’s #miseryRAL readalong this month! Anyone else joining in on the readalong fun?



This would be a classic example for an article entitled “Why Newsletter Marketing Works”. (Or maybe it’s just an example of how much of a consumer pushover I am …). I just received an email from Audible telling me that Peter Clines’s new book, The Fold, is now available in audio. I didn’t even realize he had a new book out! So of course I had to scoot over and spend last month’s credit on it, because I’d enjoyed his previous book, 14, so much.

Working: I’m a little afraid if I type out everything I’m working on, I’ll immediately crash into overwhelm. On the bright side, aside from three legal articles I need to get done for Thursday, much of what I’m doing has to do with the book marketing for Booktrope and it’s very, very enjoyable. It’s just that there’s SO MUCH TO DO. Argh.

Writing: And then it dawned on me last night, my writing workshop course with Kelley Armstrong starts mid-July which is only six weeks away. I hadn’t realized it was coming up so fast. I need to have the first 20 pages of my dark fantasy ready for workshopping by the end of this month!

Procrastinating: So of course, with all the work I have to do, I spent a pleasurable two hours organizing my Goodreads shelves. It kind of makes me feel productive. Sort of.

The rest of today: I have nearly two more hours to get stuff done, and then it’s off to hip hop class with Dylan. During which I may, or may not, take my walk. I should, because my Instagram is missing its #dailywalk photo. Or so I think.

10 thoughts on “Snapshot: June 2, 2015

  1. Ti

    That salad definitely needed something. I have to have a good dose of protein in my salad or I get faint.

    You are turning into a walker. The good kind not the zombie kind. Keep it up.

    We are all so tired from last night. We didn’t get home until after midnight. Nothing for tonight but there is no food in the house. I need someone to do my shopping for me.

    I am really sad about last night’s award outcome. Keeping it to myself but it was devastating to sit through four hours of awards, knowing at the top of the show that I would not be seeing my son again since he wasn’t one of the four.

    It was fun to see some of the Broadway performers like Cathy Right and Davis Gaines who was the Phantom for years and years. Daughter chased after Corbin Bleu who was also there.

    I am wiped out but I am sure my son is just about passed out.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I can imagine how tired you must be today, Ti. And I was so disappointed for you, too. You know I’m not on Facebook that much but I kept my feed up and kept refreshing it to see your updates! It must have been so hard for you once you found out he didn’t make the final four. But you know what? I bet he was close. And it was a huge opportunity and so many kids didn’t get as far as he did. So I know there are awards in his future.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I’ve been thinking about getting one, Kathy! Not for my morning walks, but I’ve been thinking about taking some evening walks too through the city rather than staying by the lake, and a bag like that would be so convenient.

  2. Athira

    I always have to organize my bookshelves when I’m busy. Especially when I’m swamped busy. Makes me feel productive too, lol!! That salad looks yummy! I’ll have to give it a try.

  3. Care

    YAY! Hello, just stopping by to say hello and see what’s going on. I realize this isn’t much of a comment but it lets you know I was here! I did read it but, I’m about to fall asleep to be perfectly honest. And I was hoping to read a 10+ more pages of Misery… :)

  4. Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...

    As a fellow procrastinator, I understand completely! And hey, you did something productive by organizing your Goodreads shelves instead of playing Farmville like I did! That salad looks yummy, but my husband doesn’t like anything with peanuts. Or like trying new things to be honest, but sometimes I slip things by him. Hey, it’s good to try new things! Hope you had fun on your walk!


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