Snapshot: 12-09-2014

Time: 2:12 p.m.

Feeling: Sleep deprived. Worked on a deadline late last night, then had to spend some zoning out time so I could sleep. Which resulted in a really really late night.

Wearing: PJs and my bathrobe (I know, I know. It’s past noon. It’s one of the perks of freelancing. Plus I’ve been groggy all day. I’m changing as soon as I finish this, though.)

Eating: Having lunch late today. I’ll be making my Anything-Goes Parmesan Vegetable Soup. It’s great because it works with whatever I have in the fridge. Today, that will be zucchini, onion, celery and portobello mushrooms.

Drinking: Homemade blueberry kefir! Yes, my milk kefir grains are doing well! The blueberry kefir is nice, but the strawberry kefir I made yesterday was just amazing.

Reading: Nothing. Sigh. But once I put this current deadline to bed, I’ll be able to dive in.  I have a stack of library books which have now acquired the label Must Be Read Before They’re Due Back. Nothing like a reading deadline to get me going.

Listening: 14, by Peter Clines. This audiobook has been in my to-listen list for a long time. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten to it earlier, but I’m really glad I’m getting to it now.


Writing: I haven’t gotten back to my writing yet, either, but I will as soon as this deadline is done. Current WIP is Lakeview Legacy, a horror novel. I got about 39K during NaNoWriMo (nope, didn’t win this year – too many deadlines forced me to take a week off from writing … and that was that, unfortunately).

Working: Indexing a book on labour relations. Yes, it’s definitely not the most lively book in the world. It’s due tomorrow, and I’m hoping to get it done by tonight, since I’m supposed to be meeting a friend tomorrow for lunch.

Creating: NOTHING. Argh. I hate how deadlines take control of my life. I’m hoping to figure something out about this in the new year. In the meantime, no, I haven’t been creating a thing.

Discovery: Not all the ornaments on our Christmas tree are shatterproof. I know this because one of our cats, Hobbes, just fell off the top of the bookcase next to the tree, where he’d been perched trying to fish one of ornaments from near the top. He crashed into bottom of the tree, dislodging several ornaments in the process and breaking one of them.

The husband: The ornaments!

Me: Hobbes! Are you all right?

I soothed Hobbes (only thing hurting was his pride, I think) while the husband cleaned up.

Looking forward to: Getting this deadline done! I still have presents to buy and wrap. Those Christmas cards, though, are going to have to be Happy New Year Cards, I’m afraid. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed or am on the cusp of missing several mail-out-by- deadlines.

The rest of today: Finishing up this deadline. But first I have to take my son to hip hop.

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