Snapshot: 01-06-2015

Time: 2:39 a.m. (I know – what am I doing, up so late? Call it deadline crunch – only I don’t want to work any more, and I KNOW I’ll be working all day tomorrow, so I might as well get this post out now, right? 365 days of blogging and all …)

Wearing: Pajamas. With a hoodie (it’s -14 Celcius out right now. -14!)

Feeling: Tired! But my brain is still really wired (this is what happens when I work on a deadline late into the night. In case you were wondering)

Eating: Pork jerky. Lots of calories, I know. But I need the fuel – I’m on deadline (it’s a pretty good excuse, anyway. I should know – I use it all the time.)

Drinking: A glass of Domaine Bousquet malbec. It’s organic – that should count for something, right? (I’m trying to wind down so when I go to bed, I’ll actually sleep. That’s my goal, anyway.)

Reading: All I’ve managed today is a short story from Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories, “The Courtship of Mr. Lyon”. But it kind of wowed me, so that’s pretty good.

Listening: My piano playlist – all instrumental, all piano. No words to distract me. I decided to put it on when I felt so bogged down with my deadline earlier today – and guess what? It worked! I felt better almost immediately. I don’t usually listen to music while I’m working, but I’m definitely going to from now on.

Writing: So far (hold on a second while I check my handy-dandy word count tracking spreadsheet …) i’ve written 9,388 words, all on my novel Lakeview Legacy. All I can say is, I’m REALLY glad I decided to lower my daily word count goal to 1,500 words. I wouldn’t have been able to make 2,000 words the past few days, not with this deadline hanging over my head.

Working: I’m working on an index about money laundering. Trust me, it’s not anywhere near as exciting as it might sound.

Creating: Yes, I have been creating stuff! Hooray! I’m SO proud of myself. I also discovered earlier this week that the drawing skills I acquired over ten years ago (I taught myself to draw as an adult) haven’t left me! I thought for sure I’d have to learn to draw all over again – I haven’t drawn anything other than doodles in over ten years – but I’m finding my fingers still remember what I’ve learned. The best thing I’ve drawn this week? Here it is:

2015-01-04 00.07.13

I copied a painting by Colleen McIntyre from a book of fairy motifs I had lying around. I couldn’t quite get the shading on the cheeks right, and the neck needs more work, but still,  I’m quite happy with it, and definitely feel more confident now about the whole Creative Every Day challenge I’ve embarked on.

Photo of the week: We finally got a picture of Dylan in one of his Nutcracker costumes! We put my very old iPhone (one of the first generation ones, I think) in his backpack, and he asked another boy to snap a picture of him while they were waiting to go on in the 2nd act. We honestly had started to think we wouldn’t be able to get any pictures of him in costume, so we’re pretty thrilled about having this one. His chef role was a larger role, but he got to wear a fake beard and mustache as a guard (why, oh why is my spell check telling me I’m spelling mustache wrong?) for this one. During Act 2 he had about six minutes to change from this costume into the roly poly chef one (I’m guessing here – there are two dance numbers while he’s changing) and then when he’s done they whisk the costume off him asap so there was no way we were going to get a picture of him in his chef’s costume.

Photo 2015-01-02, 6 24 54 PM

Discoveries: So this is a somewhat nerdy discovery, but I was thrilled to find out I can use the RSS Subscription chrome extension to add feeds to my Feedly. The Feedly mini icon just wasn’t working for me – most of the time it didn’t show up on the blogs I wanted to add. I found the instructions for hacking Google’s RSS Subscribe extension to include Feedly here (scroll down to fievel’s comment).

Looking forward to: Getting this deadline off my desk. Oh, wait. I have another one coming up right after that. Never mind.

The rest of today: I’m going to bed! And I’d better fall asleep, because I’ve got to get up early-ish and finish this deadline.

5 thoughts on “Snapshot: 01-06-2015

  1. Vasilly

    I hope you were able to get some rest! I was up around the same time and now I’m nursing a headache. I’ve been able to keep up with the Creative Every Day Challenge, but not the art journaling. I find I’m more in the mood to write than do art.

  2. Trish

    2:39? YIPES!!!! If I’m up past 11 I’m shot for the rest of the next day. I was reading Tiny Beautiful Things in bed last night, sobbing my eyes out (yes really) and had trouble waking up this morning! You must be a night owl. 😉

    Dylan looks GREAT in his costume! And I love your drawing–gorgeous work!

    And hmm…might have to look into those hacks. I’ve been really bummed that there isn’t a fix for partial feeds like there was in Google Reader. HATE when I find a new blog that I love and can’t get the full feed in Feedly!


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