Settling In

I am finally—FINALLY!—feeling settled in. I moved into my new place at the end of January, and since then it’s been a madhouse of unpacking and keeping on top of my work deadlines, which have not slowed down at all. They’ve actually expanded, because on top of everything else I’ve been branching out and diversifying my services.

The first few days after the move were more on the depressing side—lack of sleep, coupled with the mess of tons of boxes. My new place is much smaller compared to my past homes, and with the clutter of so many boxes (because … books, right?) it was tough to even find a pathway from the living room to the kitchen!

But I persevered, and unpacked. And unpacked some more. And then some more.

The end result? I’ve decided a minimalist lifestyle is very much to my liking. I ended up giving away boxes and boxes of books, and I’ve also come up with a couple of new rules for myself:

  1. For every print book I buy, I must giveaway TWO from my shelves.
  2. Every month I will go through my bookshelves and pick books to donate or give away.

I ended up getting my living/dining room (it’s all one and the same, rather small, space) cleaned up, and I love it! But I will need to keep my eye on clutter, because I’ve noticed the moment I start heaping books and papers on my coffee table or the dining room table, the place doesn’t feel quite so cozy any more.

On top of that, I managed the feat of clearing/unpacking the living room by lugging all unpacked boxes up to my bedroom/office. These are the “difficult” boxes, filled with papers and miscellaneous things for which I have absolutely no room, so the plan is to slowly go through them one by one, while at the same time brainstorming and implementing some sort of filing system that will accommodate what I need it to accommodate. Plus there will be a whole lot of shredding going on …

And what I am I looking forward to?

  • The implementation of new habits and routines
  • Getting back to reading
  • Getting back to writing
  • Getting back to blogging

Most of all, I’m eager to start blogging about my reading again. And to kick things off, here’s what’s on my currently reading list right now:


Elegance, by Kathleen Tessaro. This is a reread for me, one of the books on my comfort reading list. This may seem like a strange choice for those of you who know me and my reading tastes, as it’s neither mystery, sci-fi or fantasy, but aside from these genres, I also adore transformation/Cinderella stories. Since there is, unfortunately, no readily available genre of “transformation/Cinderella stories”, when I do find one I love, it usually ends up in my comfort reading list.

life-changing magic of tidying-up

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. According to my Kobo, I’ve read about 60% of this book. It’s been helping me a lot. Not that I’ve actually been holding things in my hands and asking myself, “Does this spark joy?” (I find this doesn’t work very well with books, because I tend to say, “Yes!” to each one, read or unread). But somehow, just reading this book has made it easier for me to declutter. Things don’t feel as precious anymore, and I’m finding there’s nothing like that feeling of “letting one more thing go”.

Have any of you read Kondo’s latest, Spark Joy? I’m on hold for this one at the library, and I’m expecting great things from it.

miracle morning

The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod. I haven’t started this one yet, but I’ve heard so many good things about it. And I’m definitely in need of a new morning routine, one that will help me build fun, happy and productive days.

8 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Bernadette

    Congrats on the new place and getting things unpacked.

    I loved the first Kondo book…am just about at the end of doing the entire process. I’ve never been a hoarder but her approach makes it easier for me to get rid of certain types of items. The new book is less philosophical and more ‘how to’…written for a western audience I would guess…so there’s nothing really new but lots more practical tips

  2. Kay

    Very nice to see you! Glad you are settling in. Yes, unpacking and going through and donating things is a chore. But, I love to see things tidy. Good luck and I’ll look forward to more posts as you have a chance!

  3. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    As I was reading the first part of this I was thinking that I have to recommend the Kondo book. Why a lot of it didn’t work for me it did really help change my mindset on keeping down incoming junk and inspired me to get rid of a ton of stuff. I haven’t read the 2nd book yet but I’m so curious! I’m glad to hear you are settling in. That can be such a never ending task!

  4. Ti

    It’s so much easier to keep the place clean when you have little to put away. I am happy to hear that you are settled in. The last time I checked on you, you were dealing with those boxes. I am so OCD that when I pack, like when I had to change offices, I have to unpack right away once I get there because I can’t stand to not have my stuff put away. How’s your son doing?

  5. james b chester

    If something makes people happy and doesn’t case harm, i try not to judge, but I confess this whole tidying up thing leaves me cold. I have a lot of stuff. I’m a collector, not a hoarder. I like my stuff but I can honestly say that I’ve never had an object that “sparked joy.” Things have never done that for me. People, experiences, artwork friends and family have made for me. Certainly nothing I ever bought.

    Still, I’m glad to hear you’re feeling at home. Moving can really be a chore. It certainly does make you think about getting rid of stuff. 😉


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