Saturday Random

A little bit of Saturday randomness …

Yes, I’m Back

So you might have noticed, despite writing excitedly last month about getting into a blogging rhythm, I then kind of disappeared off the face of the blogosphere (and Twitter and Facebook).

What happened? Back in October and November, I had several clients ask me, “We’ve got a project(s) coming up in the new year – can you prepare the index for us?” “Why, sure!” I said, enthusiastically. But since there were no set dates, I didn’t actually have anything to set down in my calendar. My Basecamp account rules my work life, and I’ve gotten into a rhythm of sorts – if it’s not in Basecamp, I forget about it.

So January arrives. I have a handful of deadlines and I’m quite pleased, since I was SO busy in the late fall and early winter; I could do with the slower pace.

Then the emails come. Those projects have all decided to be ready for me at roughly the same time, and before I know it, I’m actually busier for the last three weeks in January than I was in December (which I’d been calling my “busy month”).

I wasn’t really prepared for the avalanche, but thankfully I got through it, and yes, I am back now for real, and I’m hoping this year to stumble onto a way to even out my workload so that I won’t ever have to go through another too-busy period again. (Wish me luck!)

Free Time? It’s Overwhelming!

So you’d think I’d be having a blast with all the time I’ve been having lately. But I’ve been going through a period of adjustment – to be honest, I’ve been finding myself quite overwhelmed with the idea of actually having time to do all the things that I want to do.

The problem is, there are SO many things on my list (good things, I mean – stuff I really want to do), and I’m having a hard time deciding what to do. And the result has been a lot of sitting around doing nothing, and then looking back and wondering how I managed to waste the whole day away like that.

Thankfully, Janel came to my rescue: she pointed out that after having put my brain through such a long workout, I really need to just give myself time to get used to the new schedule. Go with the flow, so to speak. So I’m doing just that, and it feels a whole lot better.

Short but Sweet

I wrote my first short story in over twenty years! When I was younger, I used to get ideas for shorts all the time, but for the longest time now, I’ve been immersed in ideas for novels. But I’ve started reading short stories recently, and it’s so true: you’ve got to read what you want to write.

The idea came to me one night and I was thrilled – beginning, middle and end, all there! In the bright light of day, though, the ending looked a bit trite. So my brain worked on it a bit more when I wasn’t looking, and gave me a new ending. Okay, to be honest, it’s not a not-trite ending, it’s just not quite as trite as the first one.

Anyway, I then sat down and just decided to write it. (I have my iPad to thank for being so conveniently on hand). Trite or not, I figured, I’d better start somewhere.

More good news on the writing front: I uploaded what I’d written so far of ELEMENTAL ISLE onto my iPad in pdf format, and after giving the whole thing a read, I found myself wishing I’d written more (because I wanted to know what was going to happen!), so I sat down and wrote more. I’ve added two chapters so far, and I’m hoping to work on the novel every day.

Reading, Reading, Reading

I’ve been getting back into a reading rhythm again, too, and that feels very nice; it’s lovely to have the time to sit down with a book from start to finish, instead of dipping in here and there for a few moments of pleasure. I’ve completed a few books, and will be posting a few more reviews soon.

Hercule Poirot and Nero Wolfe were my constant companions last month. I listened to them while working and at night before drifting off to bed, and the two of them helped me keep my spirits up as I worked through all those deadlines.

Not Another Blogging Rhythm?

I most certainly am not going to jinx myself by saying I’ll be going back into a blogging rhythm now! But I’m hoping I’m now back into a regular schedule of blogging, and blog reading (I really missed the latter, although I’ve noticed my TBR list hasn’t grown much as a result).

8 thoughts on “Saturday Random

  1. Margot

    I’m happy to see you are still alive. I figured you had massive work deadlines. I’m also glad to hear that Hercule Poirot and Ngaio Marsh kept you going. They are such good friends.

  2. Molly

    Welcome back!!

    I hope that you allow yourself to just relax a bit during this free time – and then begin to dabble in all those things that you want to do :)

    I have not done any writing since NaNoWriMo — but am hopeful to pick up that work again during Spring Break.

  3. Cruella Collett

    I think it’s definitely a good sign when you find yourself wanting to read more of your own novel. At least the other way around would be a veryvery bad sign (“Oh, no, do I HAVE to read more of this crap? Perhaps if I don’t write it, I also don’t have to read it?!?” – been there…).

    Anyway, I know the feeling about being overwhelmed with having too much to do, and then overwhelmed with not having too much to do. Even though I technically haven’t felt the latter since.. Hm… Since early 2009, perhaps? It’s been a while… I keep hoping that thing will either settle down (and the “nothing-to-do-overwhelmedness” won’t get the better off me); or that I’ll adjust to just having too much to do. So far it’s looking bleak on both fronts…


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