Saturday Random: pens, overdue books and IRL book friends

#ProductivityTip: if you take out of your penholder all the pens you don’t like and will never use, you’ll save some time. I did this earlier this week when I cleaned up my office, and I’m amazed at how much time I save now, not having to scrabble through all those other pens to find one I like.

A really bad picture of my penholder

A really bad picture of my penholder


I need to create a Saturday Random graphic, so I don’t inflict really bad pictures of particularly meaningless things on everyone just so the post has an image in it.


Has this ever happened to you? I check my library books each week to see which ones have to be returned. This week, The Gift of Darkness was due back, and when I went to renew, I couldn’t. Because there are another 100+ people on hold for it.


I saw that and I was like, OH! Obviously this must be a book everyone’s reading. So of course I buckled down, finished the current book I was reading, so I could get to this one before it was due. (I am incredibly vulnerable to bookish peer pressure.)

I managed to finish it last night. It was an okay book. There were some scenes in which head hopping occurred—POV changed back and forth between characters—which I always hate to see in a book (I always feel editing should catch that kind of thing). And the story was difficult to follow in places. Oh well. The book was due back yesterday but my library doesn’t open on the weekends so at least the fine will be small.


Remember earlier this week I was so embarrassed because I’d forgotten an appointment to meet with someone I’d been introduced to through Linkedin? We rescheduled, and I finally got a chance to meet with her yesterday – and now I have an IRL bookish friend with similar reading tastes (fantasy and mystery)! Who lives just down the block from me!

It’s so exciting. I love when things like this happen. And she’s been running a sort of book club with some of her other friends, and I’ve been invited to join in on the next meeting! I believe we’ll be reading The Baker’s Boy—I’ll have to check with her on that, as I didn’t take notes and there was a great deal of wine flowing …

4 thoughts on “Saturday Random: pens, overdue books and IRL book friends

  1. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    That’s awesome about having an IRL bookish friend! They are few and far between! I’m pretty on top of my library books but every once in awhile I’ll let something slip by or I’ll just flat out forget what day it and end up with a fine. I figure it’s like a donation! I need to clean out my pen holder. I have a few pens I really like and about 100 that I don’t. The problem is that I’m cheap so I end up buying a ton of those cheap boxes of pens that I hate using instead of spending a few more dollars for one I actually like.

  2. Heidenkind

    I have started reading a book I really want to when I can’t renew it. My library has a four-day grace period before they start charging late fees, so I figure in that time I can at least find out if the book’s worth buying or not.

  3. Care

    YAY! (am reading all your posts I’ve missed….) and BOO for bloggy problems interrupting your bloggiesta-productivities…

    Have an AWESOME productive git-r-done week!


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