Saturday Random: Naps and Flowing with Changes

Guess what? I DID wake up early enough yesterday to go for that 7:15 a.m. walk with my friend (we actually changed it to 7:30 a.m., but still!). And here’s what I’ve discovered: if I’m getting up at 6:30 a.m., I feel very “nappish” at around 4:00 p.m.

But there appears to be an art to napping. I was literally sitting on my sofa, fighting against my eyes closing as the warm afternoon sun embraced me … but when I finally gave in and actually took off my contacts and lay in bed?

No nodding off. Nothing even close to sleep.


How do cats do it?!

I’m definitely going to have to explore this more. Simply put, I prefer walking earlier in the day to later (not quite as hot, plus I feel more productive). I’ve been waking up earlier as a result (although not quite as early as I did yesterday), and I think adding a nap to my productivity repertoire might be a very helpful thing.


And changes. Ah, yes.

You see, I didn’t blog yesterday. Lately I’ve been wrestling with this whole 365 days of blogging thing. Back in November when I decided I was going to do this, yes I was, I had two main goals: (1) to get out of a blogging slump (or a no-blogging-at-all slump, really) and (2) to prove to myself I had the discipline to blog daily.

Back then, I didn’t foresee all the changes that would happen this year. Like my mom breaking her hip and how big an impact that would have on my time. Or my branching out more fully into freelance writing. Or my taking on a position as a marketing manager with the publishing company Booktrope.

A while back, for Bloggiesta, I wrote a post about how to come up with a treasure trove of blog post ideas. And while I’m still getting ideas for blog posts, there have definitely been days when I was just juggling too much to sit down and do a blog post justice. I’d do it anyway, but I doubt those posts were anywhere close to my best posts.

So yesterday, I didn’t feel like blogging. I’d been to see my mother, and then I ran errands after, adding lots more steps to the ones I’d taken for my daily walk. When I got home I was feeling “nappish” (see above) since I’d gotten up so early. After an aborted attempt at a nap, it was time for dinner. And since I didn’t nap, I was really drowsy by 9:00 p.m.

I was asleep before 11:00 p.m. Really really early, for me. And while I thought about blogging in that time between 9:00 and 11:00, my heart really wasn’t in it. And I really couldn’t see the benefit of sitting down anyway and writing a blog post.

So … I’m going to flow with the changes in my life. There will be days when I have a lot on my plate, and on those days, I’m not going to worry about not writing a blog post. I figure, my 365 days of blogging just won’t be consecutive. That works for me!

8 thoughts on “Saturday Random: Naps and Flowing with Changes

  1. Vasilly

    It’s good to challenge yourself, but also good to know when to go with the flow. You have a lot going on in your life right now and having balance is always best. Whenever you blog, I’m always looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. Athira

    I think you made the right decision of going with the flow, especially since now is a busy time for you. You can always come back to this project when things settle down a bit.

  3. Suey

    I’ve let myself be more lax about blogging lately too. And even though it pains me, the world seems to keep turning!

    I feel nappish every day about 2 to 3 pm. I close my eyes for about 15 to 20 min then get up and do Zumba. It’s awesome. (Though I failed at it ALL this past week.)

    Good luck with all the changes. It sounds like life to me!

    (PS. I hope we can chat this week. I’ve missed it.)

  4. Care

    Perfectly acceptable to revise goals and adjust to where the actions towards those goals lead you to! PERFECT. Remember “planning is everything, the plan is nothing.” Your daily blogging goal lead you to new adventures. Life aint static.

    Happy June!!

  5. Bryan G. Robinson

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with blogging when you want to blog. I’m a strong proponent of doing just that and when you want it.

    Just wondering: Do you have a cat? Having one ourselves, we have no problems with naps. We just look at him so comfortable and start thinking about one, then suddenly zzzzzzz! :)

  6. Heidenkind

    Napping in bed doesn’t work. I usually nap on the couch or the floor in my bedroom with a throw pillow. You don’t want to be too comfortable!


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