Saturday Ramblings And Some Links

It’s Tapas Night here tonight – which means I am, once again, cleaning house to get ready for the people who will be dropping by. Have you noticed I seem to do this fairly frequently?

My question is, why doesn’t the house stay clean in between get-togethers?

Anyway, I’m sitting here and procrastinating, like normal. Writing a blog post is far more fun than cleaning the bathroom, when you get right down to it.

(I’m also having that old internal debate about whether I should clean up my office or not – if I do, I will use the “sweep everything into a lot of cardboard boxes and hope for the best” (patent pending) approach.)

Tagging: Now I Get It!

I’ve been using a bookmarking service that I’ve been really loving: Diigo. They have an iPhone app, which means I can bookmark even when I’m away from my computer.

I’ve used different bookmarking services before, but part of the reason Diigo has really clicked for me is this video. I know – it’s funny how things “click” when you’re ready for it. I don’t think I really “got” the concept of tagging until I watched this video, which I found at Library Bytes.

And, with some lovely synchronicity, I also discovered Diigo at about the same time.

I anticipate that I will be sharing a lot more links with everyone as a result!

And Now, The Links

Dorte’s What’s in a Name reading list. For those of you in Beth Fish Read’s What’s in a Name reading challenge, Dorte has put together a great list of possible reads. I’d sign up for this challenge, but we all know how terrible I am at completing reading challenges!

Classic Books Every Kid Should Read. I loved this list of children’s classics – lots of my own best-loved books as a child are on here. It really makes you think about what makes a children’s book a true classic. And there are some titles here I haven’t read yet, so now I’ve added to my TBR pile as well! I found this one via @bookclubgirl on Twitter.

10 Literacy/Writing Tools This is a list for the classroom but there are some really good ideas in here for anyone interested in writing and literacy. And it’s not really a list of ten things – ten alternative tools are included too!

100 Holiday Crafts. I have only one word for this post – awesome. There are links to 100 different tutorials for creating holiday crafts. Just amazing. Now if I only had the time to try my hand at these!

And before I forget, here’s the latest from Muse in the Kitchen (and you can expect to see a bunch of appetizer posts going up after tonight’s Tapas Night!):

Scallop Ceviche – a great holiday appetizer that’s really simple to make.

Spinach and Yogurt Dip with Caramelized Onion – we served this up at last month’s open house dinner and it went over quite well.

Mussels and Clams with Lemongrass – this is a Thai version of steamed mussels and clams that’s very tasty.

The Best Chicken and Sweet Leek Pie with Flaky Pastry – chicken pie is the ultimate in comfort food, and this chicken pie is the best one I’ve ever tasted!

That’s it for this Saturday’s ramblings. Hey! I wasn’t all that long-winded today, was I? This untidy house is calling to me now to get things into ship-shape order now.

How’s your weekend shaping up?

14 thoughts on “Saturday Ramblings And Some Links

  1. Margot

    I’m looking forward to the new recipes on your husband’s blog. I have it on my Reader and I check it several times a week. One of these days I’ll leave a comment. The chicken and sweet leek pie sounds especially good. Have fun at your party.
    .-= Margot´s last blog ..On Finding Secret Recipes =-.

    1. Belle

      Margot, the chicken and leek pie is just amazing – it’s a recipe that tastes like it smells, which is unusual for a chicken recipe, I find.

    1. Belle

      If you find you’re getting too used to it, just let me know. I’ll gently suggest a mid-way-thru-winter dojo cleaning …

    1. Belle

      I’m still scared to take too close a look at that list of holiday crafts, Memory. I think I really need to start the build-up to the holidays, say, in June or something. Then I might find the time to do a few of the things I always never seem to have the time to do for the holidays!


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