Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in The following is my Review Policy;  if you’re still interested in sending me your book after reading this page, please click here to contact me.

What happens when I receive a review copy or ARC of a book? Well, I don’t post very many full-post reviews; however, there are several places online where I might talk about a book:

  • Blog posts. I have three “features” in which a book I’m reading might appear: (1) Incoming! is my feature spotlighting new books that I’ve just received; (2) I’m Reading is my chatty books-I’m-reading-right-now feature; and (3) Pinning My TBR is a post that features books I’ve recently pinned to my Everlasting TBR Pile board at Pinterest. Review copies sent to me might show up in one of these posts (but I can’t guarantee anything.)
  • Goodreads. I am trying to write mini-reviews of all books I’ve read at my Goodreads account, so I can keep track of what I’ve been reading and when. I also add most books I’ve received to my to-read list at Goodreads.
  • Pinterest. I have several boards devoted to books at Pinterest. The main ones are The Ever-Expanding TBR Pile and Books #amreading #read 2012. New book arrivals generally get pinned to the Ever-Expanding TBR Pile, and books read or currently reading get pinned to the Books #amreading #read 2012 board.
  • Twitter. I often tweet about books that I’ve pinned to my Pinterest boards, books that I’ve added or reviewed at Goodreads, and books that I happen to be reading at the time I’m tweeting. I’m a prolific tweeter and like nothing better than joining in on discussions about books. So your book might be mentioned in a tweet, if I happen to be reading it at the time I’m on Twitter.

The goal of this blog is for me to connect with readers and writers and to talk about my writing and my reading, and all the other things that interest me – I don’t always write book-related posts, although many of my posts are quite bookish. I like to talk about books rather than review them.

Still interested in sending me a review copy of your book? You can contact me here.

Other important points: I mainly read mysteries, fantasies, urban fantasies and science fiction (and children’s and YA books in these genres). My preference is always for the ebook version. And I live in Canada, so if you’re thinking of sending a print copy but aren’t shipping to Canada, I’ve saved you an email!

Last updated: January 2012