Review: Olivia Helps With Christmas, by Ian Falconer

Ms. Bookish’s Quick Take: Oh, what a wonderful, joyous ride is Olivia Helps With Christmas! This is a wonderful book about all the ways little ones get ready on The Big Day, with of course a dollop of special Olivia spice to it. Children don’t have to have met Olivia in any of her previous books to enjoy this one. We had several laugh-aloud moments. It’s a great book for ushering in the holiday season. See below for the full review.

From the jacket flap:

… Not a piglet was stirring.

Well, maybe just one.

The Full Review of Olivia Helps with Christmas

This fun book brings Olivia back on-scene, this time on the day before Christmas. We all have memories of how that day stretched loooooooong – would it never end? How could we possibly bear the wait? I doubt things have changed much for children today.

Olivia bears the wait brilliantly as she “helps out” her parents in her own special way. Several of the scenes had our five-year-old rolling on the ground with laughter. This is a book that’s geared towards a dramatic, fun reading, so parents, make the most of it. It will bring you some incredible quality time as well as help build up the anticipation of Christmas.

There are so many great scenes in this book, it’s difficult to choose a few to highlight. But the two that get the most votes in Ms. Bookish’s household?

1. When Daddy wants to build a fire in the fireplace. (I bet you can guess Olivia’s reaction to that one.)

2. Singing Christmas carols as a family. If you sing the family’s part softly, and Olivia’s part almost nearly as loudly as Olivia does, you’re virtually guaranteed to have near-hysterics and a “please, Mommy, read that part to me one more time!”

The illustrations are highly engaging, the words are fun and very readable. Yes, highly recommended! Ms. Bookish’s Rating: A+: A Keeper ?

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