Really, truly: A room of my own

I couldn’t title this post “A Room of One’s Own” because I’d already written a previous post with that same title. That post had been about getting an actual room of my own, but this post? It’s all about a place of my own – because the apartment hunt has ended and I will truly have a “room of one’s own” soon!

This week has been one dramatic ride, that’s for sure. The week began with my real estate agent calling me to let me know that the unit my ex- had lost out on just before the new year was now back on the market because the deal they’d signed with the competing bidder had fallen through, and the other agent had actually called Jay, my agent, to see if my ex was still interested.

Yes, he still was.

So the race to find a place for me was on, since Ward couldn’t sign the lease unless I was also getting a unit in the same building–we’d decided that, since living “together but separate” wasn’t working for us, the next best thing for coparenting would be to have units in the same building, so Dylan could go back and forth without going outside. Ward was getting a really good deal on his new place, so everyone knew it would be ideal if I could land a unit in the same building.

I’d already put in two offers just prior to the new year, and had them both defeated by competing offers (I tell you, the rental market in Toronto is HOT, that’s for sure). But Jay had another unit to show me. The next day I met with him, saw the unit, and put in my offer.

And then …


We didn’t hear a peep out of the other agent. Since the unit was up for lease and also for sale, we figured either the owner or the agent was holding out for a sale and reluctant to lease, despite having listed it as being available to lease. And the time was ticking on Ward’s offer–his potential landlord really wanted to rent out the place, and if Ward didn’t get his deposit in soon, he might lose it.

The next day, I was scheduled to see another potential unit in the same complex. But Jay had a surprise up his sleeve. Another unit in the complex, a really gorgeous unit, had just come on the market. It was priced a tiny bit above my maximum, but even then, it was a real steal. He’d made arrangements for me to take a look at it. He was so quick to make the appointment, we were the first ones to view it.

(He’s an absolutely fabulous real estate agent, by the way. One of the rare ones who are as committed to closing rental deals for their clients as they are to closing sales (real estate agents make far more on sales than they do on rentals–something like ten to 20 times more) so I really lucked out when I found him.)

I honestly did not think I had a chance at this place. I walked through it without really comprehending all the details–I didn’t want to start really liking it, because I just knew I wouldn’t get it. I actually pointed out all the flaws to myself (there isn’t enough closet space; the master bedroom is a loft so there’s no privacy, etc etc) so I wouldn’t be disappointed when I didn’t get it. I just knew there would be competing offers by the zillion, and I wasn’t willing to get into a bidding war  Also, it wasn’t a good day for me. I’d had less than five hours of sleep and I was feeling like a zombie.

But we put the offer in anyway. Jay said it wouldn’t hurt to try, and if I didn’t get it, there was the backup unit, which I’d also viewed while in my zombie-like state.

And … I got it! 

So Ward and I both get the keys to our separate units the end of next week. Neither of us are ready to move, so we’ll probably each be moving closer to the end of the month. After I gave my deposit to Jay, he took me through my place again (it feels so weird to be saying my place!)  so I could take proper measurements. This time around, I was fully awake and alert and aware. And I had to keep pinching myself. Because the place was even better than I remembered!

You mean this place is mine?!

I still can’t believe it. But it must be true. I have a call in to the movers we used the last time (who are absolutely fabulous–if you live in Toronto and you need movers, they’re called Wild West and they’ve moved my stuff three times now, and hopefully if I can book them again, it will be four times–tell them Belle sent you. They are extraordinary people and do an amazing job), I have Internet service installation booked, and I have tenant insurance in place to start on the day I pick up my keys.

So … yes, it’s real!

A place of my own.

I can hardly wait!

12 thoughts on “Really, truly: A room of my own

  1. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    What wonderful news and how fantastic to have not only a place of your own but a dream place of your own! It’s funny how real estate always ends up working out for the best even though it doesn’t feel like it when you’re in the middle of negotiations or lose out on something. Good luck with the move and getting settled!


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