Reading 365 short stories

Last month was so hectic, ALL of my 365 projects ambitions fell off track. I am now beginning the process of slowly picking each one up, dusting them off and seeing what adjustments I can make to the project so it will work for me (instead of constantly filling me with guilt and more guilt – I’m not good with this whole guilt thing.)

First up is the Short Story a Day project. In the month that I did it, I realized two things:

  1. It’s not that easy to read a short story a day. I like to pick my short stories randomly, from my short story box, so I never know what I’m going to get. Some days it’s a story that’s short in length, other days the story is closer to a novella. So I never know how much time I’ll need, which kind of adds to the stress when it’s midnight and I’m thinking, “Shoot! Forgot about today’s short story!”
  2. Short stories are addictive. When I do happen to have a nice chunk of time and I sit down to read one, I often want to read another. But words can have strange control over me. Knowing I was doing a “short story a day” project, I felt reluctant to dive into another one. Because, you know, that would be two, or even three short stories a day. (As you can see, I am easily controllable).

Photo 2014-12-17, 4 10 31 PMThe Short Story Box, for Totally Randomized Reading Fun

As I pondered the situation, and the mess this 365 day project had become, the solution came to me. Rename the project! So now, it’s my 365 Short Stories in 2015 project!

I love how easy and painless that was. And since I just recently finished Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning, it turns out I am right back on track now! I have now read 58 short stories so far this year.

Now I can peel away some of my 365 day project guilt. Two more to go …

6 thoughts on “Reading 365 short stories

  1. Ti

    You have a short story box? And you pick from it randomly? I could not do that! I have to be in a certain mood to even read a short story. I do enjoy them, but it is definitely a mood thing for me. It plays a huge role.

  2. Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll)

    Flexibility in my structures makes a huge difference for me. I could never exercise 40 minutes every day for a month. But, I frequently exercise 1200 minutes in a month. I have to be careful to structure my goals in a way that allows me to fail now and then without getting so discouraged that I chuck the whole thing.

  3. Vasilly

    I love the idea of reading a short story a day. I have a ton of short story collections and never get to them. Maybe if I read a short story a day, I can finish some collections and get them off my tbr stack.

  4. Athira

    I think your modified project makes so much sense! Definitely lets you read more than one story a day and also no guilt for those days when you cannot find time to read one. Yay!


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