Readathon Cheerleading: I Got Booted Off Twitter

I guess I was doing TOO good a job cheerleading for the Readathon – Twitter won’t let me make any more tweets for now!!

That’s a good thing, right?

So I’m off Twitter for now, but Go, Readers, Go!!!

And I’m taking this as a sign that I’m meant to go comment/cheer on more of the readers’ blogs!

19 thoughts on “Readathon Cheerleading: I Got Booted Off Twitter

    1. Belle Post author

      Thanks, Nicole. I’m not sure yet about the toaster – it’s only been a few days and it keeps retrieving very old tweeted posts and the conversations that ensued which sometimes didn’t have anything to do with the post! But I love being able to personalize the tweet about the blog post – it’s worth it just for that!

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