R to Z: It’s a Wrap!

Blogging challenges aren’t really my thing, but I have absolutely no regrets about doing the A to Z Challenge.

For one thing, I discovered the magical way writing prompts work.

And I also found some new blogging and writing friends along the way.

For my wrap-up post, I thought I’d take a look back at what April’s brought me:

Reading. It’s been a big reading month for me, and I’m hoping I will be able to keep up the pace. I’ve been quite good about keeping track of recent reads on Goodreads. It’s definitely a Facebook for readers!

Savory. I started sending recipe tweets to my husband this month, and the result? We’ve had many a savory, Twitter-inspired meal.

Tumblr. I finally got around to starting a Tumblr blog for mostly bookish and writing-related things, and it’s been a whole lot of fun so far: Quotes, Notes & Quick Takes. If you have a Tumblr blog, I’d love to drop by for a visit, so please leave a link to your Tumblr in the comments!

Umbrella. Because it’s been that kind of a month. April showers, right?

Vacation. Yes, I’m ready for one. No, nothing’s planned. Yet.

Writing. Because I haven’t been. Writing, I mean. And as I look back over the month, I feel a touch of melancholy over all the missed writing time. May? May will be different. Daily writing goal, here I come.

X. Marks the spot. Despite not writing much this month, April’s delivered an amazing crop of ideas. Treasures, all of them.

Yearning. See Writing, above.

Zed. We had Easter dinner over at my sister’s place, and the talk at the table turned to books, as often happens when I’m around. My cousin recommended Zed, by Elizabeth McClung. It sounds like an interesting read, and so the TBR grows, bit by bit, encounter by encounter.

What things did April bring you?

9 thoughts on “R to Z: It’s a Wrap!

    1. Belle

      It’s been fun having a place to post short things like pictures or quotes – stuff that’s too long for Twitter, and too short for the blog!

  1. Janel

    Well, you know a lot of what April has been for me. :) I have to say my anticipation is growing. I can’t wait to go on my May challenge!

  2. Bernadette

    April’s been an odd month for me – some personal health problems which are far too boring to go into but some reading-related ‘issues’ too – after being on an almost-nothing-but-crime-fiction kick for the past 2-3 years I’ve started to crave something different. In the end what’s surprising is that it took me so long – usually my ‘genre binges’ don’t last as long as this last one has. I’ve started to pick up a few different kinds of books of late and last night settled in for a brand new historical fiction read that has nothing whatsoever to do with crime :)

    Glad to hear April brought you writing ideas and here’s hoping that May’s daily writing goals turns them into something wonderful

  3. doreen mcgettigan

    April has had me running from sad memories. I have been so busy. My book is in conceptual editing; I have participated in A-Z and a 1000 word a day challenge; and tads of other busy things.
    I hope also that I can keep up the pace in May.

  4. Dorte H

    A fine wrap post – and as you say, May will be different! (Or perhaps June or July, as May and June are our exam months …)

    I can´t blame the whether, though – we have had a wonderful, warm and sunny Easter.


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