Putting together my readathon book list


Dewey’s Readathon is happening this coming Saturday, April 25, and I’m so excited because for the first time ever, I’ll be participating not just as a cheerleader but also as a reader!

In previous years, I could only participate by cheering because Dylan’s Saturday activities meant we spent the day going from here to there all around the city. This year, however, his activities are all concentrated in the one place, which means I’ll be able to get a lot of reading done while I’m waiting for him.

I won’t be able to read for the full 24 hours. But this is the first year I’ll have a good chunk of time to devote to reading, so I figured I might as well go for it. I do expect things to come up—my mom, for instance, will either still be in the hospital on Saturday or she’ll be in rehab, and I’ll probably be visiting her at some point during the day.

I hadn’t even thought about putting together a list of books for the readathon, but I’m seeing people blogging and tweeting about this, and I realized what a great idea it was.

I have far too many choices right now, so I have to narrow them down a bit. I was thinking it might be a good idea to develop my list like this:

  • reading a set number of pages from each of my readalong books. Which would be Cloud Atlas, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and Dune.
  • short stories (Becca of I’m Lost in Books is going to be reading only short stories for the readathon, which sounds like such fun)
  • comics. Mainly from Marvel Unlimited, following a list of recommendations Memory sent me.
  • one middle grade novel
  • one fantasy novel
  • one mystery novel
  • one non-fiction book

That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? I figure I’ll put together a nice biggish list but the plan won’t be to read all of them, but just to have a nice selection so I won’t have trouble going from one book to another.

As for my readathon upates, Kim posted about the basics of using Storify to document your readathon which I want to try. Here’s her Fall 2014 Readathon post, in which she’s used Storify to post her updates.

Are you participating in the Readathon this year? Have you participated in previous years? Have any tips for me?

7 thoughts on “Putting together my readathon book list

  1. Angie@Angela's Anxious Life

    This is a really good idea!! I won’t be reading the entire time either. I will just never make it. Though I don’t mind giving it my all. I am about to look at what I have to read. I can’t believe that this is coming up this weekend!

  2. Ti

    When I participated, I always spent too much time blogging or doing the contests and not nearly enough time reading. I’d be lucky if I finished one book.

  3. Suey

    I went to get Saga from the library today and it wasn’t there! Already checked out! :( So, now I’ll probably read some fluffy YA and/or middle grade, plus some Dune pages. I’ll post a picture soon. So glad you can join in the reading fun this time!

  4. Beth F

    I’ll be running a workshop on that day. I used to participate by cheerleading but the readathon always seems to fall on days when I have other things going on. Grrrr.

  5. Athira

    I wasn’t even sure if I will be able to do the readathon, but now it looks like I may be able to read for part of the day. I do have a bunch of things that need to be done tomorrow, so we’ll see. I like your readathon plan – it is definitely flexible enough and keeps your reading choices flexible.


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