Overheard, 12/05/2014

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Back when we lived in the suburbs, I never liked walking anywhere. The library was at the end of our street, about the equivalent of four city blocks away (but it being the suburbs, it was two long blocks). Do you think I ever walked there? Hah! Maybe ten times in the seventeen plus years we lived there. I always drove, usually on my way back from somewhere or on my way to somewhere.

But ever since we moved to the city, I’ve been walking everywhere, and I’ve been walking not so much because I’m thrifty and want to save on subway and streetcar tokens (although there is that, too) and not even so much because it’s sometimes the only exercise I get, but mainly because I really really like going for walks in the city.

It’s got something to do with the crowds of people, the different buildings, the life that’s all around me. I’m as fond of green space as anyone else, but still, there’s something about a busy city sidewalk that sings to me.

Not to mention the things I overhear. With my overactive imagination, it’s so much fun to take the thingsI hear while walking and spin some fun stuff with it.

Overheard #1

A man and a woman, walking in front of me. He’s wearing a beige suit, she’s in a spring-coloured dress, her hair in a ponytail. I’m a fast walker, and they’re meandering along, the way friends do when they’re busy chatting, so I overtake them and soon they’re behind me. And that’s when I hear this:

Man: They took out the chief executive who made the decision, too.

Woman: Really?

Man: Yes. Two shots to the head.

Seriously! I’m not making this up. I would really love to know what they were talking about.

Overheard #2

Two men are walking just ahead of me. Man #1 is tall, wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. Man #2 is short, wearing a blue shirt and khaki brown pants. From the back, they look young to me, early to mid-twenties. We’re in the financial district, so they look a little out of place among all the suits (and so do I, for that matter) – or dressed for Friday casual, although it’s not Friday. They’re walking at a nice fast clip, so they stay in front of me. These words drift back to me:

Man #1: Okay, so I guess we should talk about the whole divorce thing.

Man #2: Yeah.

Man #1: The money. You don’t think she will, but if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to watch the money. The money will get you every time.

Overheard #3

This happened about a month ago, but it was such a strange thing to say, and I’ve been wanting to mention it in a post. I was walking behind this woman who was walking and talking quite loudly on the phone.

Woman: So the party’s going on, and then he shows up and guess what? He forgot to bring the IUD.

And no, I didn’t hear wrong. At least, I don’t think so. She was talking quite loudly, and that’s what I heard her say.

I have such fun thinking up the different scenarios that might give some sense to the things I overhear!

5 thoughts on “Overheard, 12/05/2014

  1. Charlie

    I’m first the movie or book, too! The third is very strange, did she mean to say ID I wonder. Either that or that was some interesting party.

  2. Care

    FUN!! I do love eavesdropping sometimes. OK, most of the time. All of the time?
    I sadly have friends who have recently divorced. Not wrong, that comment about the money… Sad sad sad.


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