On Writing: Okay, No Celebrating Today

Today’s word count: 3,153 words

NANTUCKET total word count: 112,135 words


It turns out I was being a little optimistic when I wrote last night that I’d probably be finishing up the first draft of NANTUCKET today.

I actually did mean it yesterday. When I wrote, “watch this space tomorrow”, I was certain there were only a few more scenes left to write, and even better, that they would get written today.

But as I was falling asleep last night, I realized that the ending that I had been contemplating wasn’t really the ending. I realized this with some relief, actually, because I’d been thinking to myself, this isn’t a very good ending. And of course it wasn’t a very good ending – because it wasn’t the actual ending.

So I’ve been writing the real ending tonight. It piggybacks on the scenes that were supposed to be the real ending, and it does work out really well. But it means more scenes to write. I also wasn’t nearly as prolific in terms of my output as I was yesterday (Margot mentioned in a comment that my visit to the library yesterday morning might have sparked the writing, and I think she might have something there).

But it was fun today. When I did finally sit myself down to write, it came fairly easily.

And just maybe, “watch this space tomorrow”. Celebrations might be in order. Or they might not. But it will be soon!

6 thoughts on “On Writing: Okay, No Celebrating Today

  1. Belle

    Thanks, everyone! Jill, I think I succeeded in keeping myself in suspense, too. :)

    Dorte, this is a pretty rough draft, so I probably won’t include any excerpts until I’ve done at least one round of revisions. I don’t even know if the opening scene is staying or going. But I wrote the first three chapters of my next novel quite a while ago, and while I probably won’t keep all of it, I will likely start out by rewriting those first three chapters, and I think I might post the first couple of paragraphs to see what everyone thinks. This next one is a book that’s been near and dear to my heart for years – it’s the first of a four-book series …


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