On Writing: Almost There

Today’s word count: 5,760 words

NANTUCKET total word count: 117,895 words


I’m almost there. No, really, I am.

My guys are hot on the trail of the killer now, and my kind-of-paranormal character is in grave danger. The two circumstances are on the verge of colliding, forming the next to last scene, with the last scene to be given over to explanations and a final winding down of the tale.

I’m this close to being done.

8 thoughts on “On Writing: Almost There

  1. Belle

    Thanks, everyone. We have people over for dinner tonight, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to write very much today. I’m thinking of doing an extremely truncated version of the Giveaways post for tomorrow, and take the extra time to finish up my novel instead.


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