Odds and Ends

It’s been quite a week – I’ve finished a couple of deadlines, spent Wednesday morning getting a test done (no worries, all is well), Wednesday night feeling pleasantly drowsy, pampered and well-fed, (oh, and I spent Tuesday night very hungry since my test required an all-liquid diet the day before), and today I finally managed to get back into Twitter and Facebook mode after having to stay away during the weeks I was drenched with deadlines.

(I don’t think I mean “drenched”. I think I mean another word, but for the life of me, I can’t think of another suitable word right now.)

So I thought it’s time for a nice odds and ends post!

2010 Blog Improvement Project

I joined the Blog Improvement Project last year, but quite late, after people had already dived into the first few assignments, and I never really did end up truly participating. But since I have plans to revamp the template here, and clean up my categories and tags and things like that (and couldn’t participate in Bloggiesta because of deadline woes), I thought it might be nice to participate this year.

This year the BIP is being run by both Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, who hosted last year’s BIP, and Jackie at Farm Lane Books, and it has it’s own site: 2010 Blog Improvement Project.

Have you joined? What kinds of things are you looking forward to doing this year with your blog?

Work Sanity: The Art of Taking Breaks

During my recent avalanche of deadlines, I made sure to take several breaks each day. In addition to pampering myself with baths, I also used games as incentives. When I finished a chapter, I’d indulge myself with a few rounds of the following games (but beware. They can be addictive.)

Mah Jongg Dimensions. This game is hosted at AARP, but luckily you don’t have to be retired to play it. It seems simple, but you only get five minutes and the second and third levels have a lot more tiles. Very fun.

Yumsters 2. Don’t ask me why I became so beguiled with these musical worms. But I was. And I took that trek across all those countries with them many, many times on my iPhone.

Suduko. I played this on my iPhone – and I admit freely, I finally clued in that Suduko is solved EXACTLY like a logic puzzle. I love logic puzzles. I never loved Suduko. Now I do.

If You Like Cats …

(And I do.) My not-aunt Margaret sent me the link to this video (she’s also the one responsible for the Mah Jongg Dimensions game, too. In fact, I tremble in fear before opening her emails because she finds the most addictive and fun stuff online, guaranteed to fritter away chunks of my time).

This video’s on the long side (and it’s been around for a while, so you might have already seen it), but it is totally worth it (if you like cats, that is).

The bit near the end when Maru plays with the boxes is just priceless!

So those are my odds and ends. I’m really looking forward to the weekend – I have a few days to rest, relax and (fingers crossed) get back to my writing. No, I haven’t forgotten that I am writer, and a writer writes. (Not to mention the manuscript of NANTUCKET which is still waiting for me to read in its entirety for the first time …)

Any odds and ends going on with you?

16 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Sharla

    Hi there: I’m glad you’re not drenched anymore! I know that feeling all too well. I’m in my last year of college.

    I’ve been thinking about joining the Blog Improvement Project, but haven’t totally committed to it yet. Best of luck to you with that!

    I’ve been playing lots of Scrabble on my iPhone. I’m going to have to check out the Suduko and Yumsters. Thanks for the recommendations!
    .-= Sharla´s last blog ..It’s a Giveaway! Who Owns The World by Kevin Cahill & Rob McMahon =-.

  2. Audrey/brizmus

    Ohhh, I love kitty cats! Such a cute video! :-)
    I wish you luck finally getting around to reading Nantucket in its entirety! I am sure it will be awesome!
    All those games you play sound fun!
    I’ve signed up for the blog improvement this year, and I’m hoping I’ll actually participate. I don’t really know what I want to get done, though. I’m hoping the set tasks will help me with that. :-)
    .-= Audrey/brizmus´s last blog ..French Friday (10) =-.

  3. rhapsodyinbooks

    I was so glad to read over on your husband’s blog that your tests went well and he pampered you with the Ikea sandwich! I know whenever I’ve had to have a fasting procedure, the meal right afterwards is the best food ever!!!

    I’ve been busy “bloggiesta-ing” – working on an index by genre – so I suppose that’s a big like a yearlong Blog Improvement Project!

    I’m tempted to check out the games even though I already spend too much time on Bookworm and Text Twist….
    .-= rhapsodyinbooks´s last blog ..Review of “Deeper” by Megan Hart =-.

  4. Margot

    I like your chatty odds and ends. Feels like we are just chatting. I sense that you are feeling relaxed after that huge workload you completed. You are allowing yourself time to relax and do games. Good for you. I like Sudoku but love crosswords.
    .-= Margot´s last blog ..It’s A Day For Soup =-.

  5. Dorte H

    I don´t think I am going to join the Blog Improvement Project again. Not that I don´t think I can learn a lot, but what I really want to is write better posts in shorter time. Not realistic, perhaps, but I have to find a better balance between blogging and writing fiction. It is very easy to get immediate feedback – and lots of nice comments – by spending much time on my blog, but I should try to follow your example and dedicate more time every week to write fiction.
    .-= Dorte H´s last blog ..Consolation =-.

  6. Steve

    I think the word you may have been looking for was “inundated” but I don’t like to use such words on a Monday. Makes my head hurt.

    As for blog improvement, I am still so new to the blogosphere that I am not sure what I want my blog to be. I do know that I do not blogspot/blogger. What a pain to use! I think I will ditch my regular website and turn it into a wordpress blog as we discussed earlier.

    Ah Maru! Or, should I say, Ah Misha! That is so our cat in everyway. Thanks for the smile.


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