Notes from the Kitchen (and A Call for Recipes)

Yes, I’m now in charge of the kitchen, for the next two to three weeks. (This is one of those for better or worse situations where you know you’re not anywhere in the vicinity of the “better” part of the equation.)

Ward had hip replacement surgery yesterday morning – he’s doing well, and was raring to go a mere two hours after the surgery.  He’s supposed to stay in the hospital for four days but I’m pretty sure he’s already hatched up some sort of early escape plan.

He’s probably driving the nursing staff crazy right now. The word he used the most yesterday? “Restless.”

But even after he gets out, he’ll be on crutches for a while. So there’s that to look forward to around here – we all know he’ll insist on doing everything around the place even though he won’t be able to.

And in the meantime, I’ve found myself back in the kitchen, since there are mouths to feed (the nine-year-old is much easier than the soon-to-be twenty-one year old, I’m finding).

Some notes from the kitchen:

1. When you put a can of cream-of-anything soup on the stove, those popping sounds mean: get ye back to the stove and fast, stirring utensil in hand and at the ready. Or else. (AKA “how to avoid burnt, blackened pots. Not to mention, inedible burnt soup.”)

2. President’s Choice frozen meat lasagna doesn’t taste half bad when you’re really hungry, even when you’re like me and don’t actually like lasagna, frozen or freshly made.

lasagnaBecause I needed a picture in this post …

3. Note to self: just because I think I’m only going to buy a few things at the grocery store, always take the large wheeled cart and not the small wheeled backpack. Because “a few things” never stays “a few things”.

4. A slow cooker recipe is not synonymous with “infallible”. Chicken thighs can still get overcooked; yes, indeed, even though they’re dark meat and usually tender and juicy. Also, six hours of slow cooking time does not mean seven hours and counting.

5. It really does take only a few minutes to wash up a pot and reuse it instead of fishing a clean one out of the cupboard. I’m not sure why it never seems that way to me. Still, if I want to avoid sink-overflowing-with-used-pots syndrome, this really is something I’ve got to remember.

6. Dirty dishes reproduce, naturally and organically. I should set up a camera with stop motion timing to see this in action and record it for prosperity. Or maybe not.

7. Bacon and eggs = easy when you use turkey bacon. No oil splatters so no need for protective eye gear. Just saying.

I’m sure there will be more notes from the kitchen to come; after all, I’ve only been back in there for a day and a half so far …

Share your recipes with me, pretty please? Key words: easy, few ingredients, slow cooker. (And for when Ward gets home, if it’s vegan, even better. Or the poor man will be living on bagels and peanut butter.)

18 thoughts on “Notes from the Kitchen (and A Call for Recipes)

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      The title sounded familiar, so I checked my shelves, Candace. I have this book! I remember now, I won it in a Twitter giveaway. So I think I’m all set now. I just pulled it out and will be making my shopping list for the week :)

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      Thanks for the link, and the recommendation for the Mom 100 (it turns out I have this book!)

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      He is recovering well, Kathy – and going a little stir crazy! Thanks for your well wishes!

  1. Cecelia

    Oh dear, it sounds as though the week has been quite a trial! I don’t have any fast cooking recipes, but I’ll echo the others – that cookbook looks great!

  2. Col (Col Reads)

    First, glad to hear the surgery was a success. I love your list, especially #6. My favorite vegan cookbook is The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen by Donna Klein. It’s totally straightforward, and the pastas are amazing. Good luck with your role reversal :)

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I’m adding The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen to my to-buy list – even if I don’t cook from it, it sounds like something my husband would like to have on his cookbook shelves. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I’m making the 21-year-old do some of the shopping :) You know, I think I have one of Rachel Ray’s books on the shelves somewhere. Will definitely dig it out.


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