Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Thanks to a nice, long talk with a good friend of mine (she also does this professionally, if you’re interested in having a session to clear up obstacles in your life – I highly recommend her facilitation sessions), I find myself finally clear of the listlessness and lethargy that has challenged me for most of January.

And one of the first things that’s been happening as a result is that I’m no longer letting the small things in life loom large, the way they sometimes have a tendency to do.

It’s such a relief! I spent yesterday tackling all manner of small administrative tasks, and putting together a system that will let me clear the decks easily and effortlessly once a month in one area of my life – this particular system tackles monthly bill paying, something which needs to be done but which I always find myself putting off as much as possible.

The really funny thing is, the tasks were all so small, and I found myself wondering how I let them grow in size (energy-wise) so that they became big, formidable tasks that I felt I simply never had the time to tackle.

Having a system in place to handle one part of the small stuff feels really good, so I’m going to brainstorm more systems that will make other areas of my life much easier.

It actually feels fun to employ my creativity in this way!

I still have to clean my office, but I’m not feeling as daunted by the whole prospect as I had been. After all, it’s just a matter of deciding what to do with all the bits of paper that’s accumulated.

And if I can get a few more systems in place that will prevent the accumulation in the first place – well, that will more to celebrate!

These small administrative tasks aren’t the only small things I’m no longer sweating. I’m finding myself letting go of the small stuff in all areas of my life – it’s just that the admin stuff is the most concrete and quantifiable. It also makes me feel amazingly productive.

Most of all, letting go of the small stuff feels very, very good indeed.

7 thoughts on “Not Sweating the Small Stuff

  1. rhapsodyinbooks

    I feel that way too about “administrative” tasks: like mail that isn’t ready to be “processed” but not ready to be thrown out. I hate that kind of thing! And it piles up, and things get lost, and it’s all very disheartening. I’m glad to hear someone is advising you on dealing with that sort of thing!
    .-= rhapsodyinbooks´s last blog ..Moby Dick Mondays – Week 13 =-.


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