No More Wasted Space: Some Room-Flipping Results!

We are extremely pleased with our recent round of room flipping: we’ve created a beautiful dining room from wasted space!

I wish I’d thought to take pictures of the “before”. This truly was a “nothing” space (it’s the space at the bottom of the stairs, right outside the kitchen), and so we weren’t particularly inclined to take pictures of it.

But I did scrounge up this picture from the tapas party we held in December. You can’t see all of the space, but that’s what we had at the bottom of the stairs up until a very short while ago (and yes, the woman in the dress looking the other way is me!):


And this is what this space looks like now (please excuse the set of coasters on the table):


And from another angle (that’s my husband’s cookbook collection, by the way). The honey brown door leads into the furnace room.


As we’re coming down the stairs (that picture’s now up on the wall):


And because I just couldn’t resist one last picture:


The really nice thing is that we didn’t have to buy anything – we already had all the right things tucked away in other rooms of the house!

It’s always so nice when something turns out exactly the way I imagined it would. I think the transformation of this space took my husband by surprise, though – in a way, he was kind of humoring me, moving things as I dictated. He wasn’t at all certain it would work, but I just knew it would.

And the results are exactly as I pictured in my mind!

25 thoughts on “No More Wasted Space: Some Room-Flipping Results!

  1. Steve

    Looks great Belle! I can only imagine Sensei’s expression as this move was happening. A whole heap of “Yes, dear. Whatever you say dear.” I can’t wait to see it.
    .-= Steve´s last blog ..Night Series =-.

  2. aquafortis

    It looks great! I love it. (And I thought WE had a lot of cookbooks…!) I’m impressed. We’re constantly trying to figure out how to use the space well in our house.
    .-= aquafortis´s last blog ..Psst! =-.

  3. Molly

    Ok – I don’t know with which I am more impressed – the fact that the dining area is perfect – and it was nothing but wasted space before OR the gorgeous cookbook collection!

    Great job! Are you available for consultation??
    .-= Molly´s last blog ..A Page in the Life of… =-.

    1. Belle

      I’d be afraid to do a consult, because I REALLY like to change things up. You might not talk to me for a while after implementing some of my more hare-brained suggestions, Molly!

    1. Belle

      Good eye! Yes, it’s a birch table. From IKEA. We are kind of weird about IKEA – we have been known to (often) drive there just to have lunch!

  4. BananaViews

    WOW! What a great use of the space. Can’t wait til my next visit. I can see myself sitting at the table browsing the cookbooks already with a cup of steamy hot tea… on a coaster.


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