My spring Bloggiesta 2015 to-do list


Who’s doing Bloggiesta this spring? This year, it’s a week-long event, so there’ll be lots of time to do those blogging things that need doing and fix those bloggy things that need fixing!

I didn’t do very well at all with the mini-Bloggiesta earlier this year, so here’s hoping I’ll do much better this time around.

My Bloggiesta To-Do List

  1. Write that first newsletter. A must-do as I actually have people signed up for it now. It didn’t seem so crucial before, when I had only two people signed up, both friends.
  2. Create a standalone newsletter page.
  3. Create a Hire Me page, and link to home page.
  4. Work on an editorial content calendar.
  5. Add an Instagram plugin for sidebar.
  6. Clean up categories and tags.
  7. Update About Me page.
  8. Go theme hunting and plugin hunting, see what’s out there.
  9. Show summary of posts on home page, with Read More link.
  10. Think about installing Discus. Or not.

When it comes to Discus, I get all decided that “yes, I’m going to switch over” and then I change my mind again.

I think I should be able to tackle all of the items on this list, especially now that Bloggiesta is a whole week!

What about you? Are you signing up for Bloggiesta?

15 thoughts on “My spring Bloggiesta 2015 to-do list

  1. Suey

    Yay! Glad you’re joining the fun! I need to write my to do list post too. LOL. And I’m wondering the same thing about Disqus. It scares me so bad to do it, but it sure seems you and lots of other people have problems commenting with Blogger. :(

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      It’s not just your blog, Suey – it seems to affect all the Blogger blogs I comment at. I’ve learned to copy my comment before I hit the publish/submit button. Then it’s not so bad, because if it doesn’t take, I just paste it in and hit submit again. It always takes the second time! I’d actually been thinking it was my laptop, but it’s been happening with this new laptop too :(

  2. Heidenkind

    I like Disqus. It’s had its occasional problems, but for the most part I think its really improved commenting on my blog.

  3. Kate @ Midnight Book Girl

    I should do Bloggiesta, but I know that if I sign up I won’t do it. I’m a horrible procrastinator, and I do better if I don’t plan on participating but instead get inspired by all those actually participating (and maybe guilted into sprucing up my own blog).

    Good luck on your list!

  4. Elizabeth

    Me, too on the Discus. I guess I need to know more about the advantages and how it interacts with blogger. That might be a good mini challenge for the next I love your blog header and social media buttons. Do you do any for sale?
    One of my goals is to meet as many new bloggers as possible, so I am spending today visiting as many blogs on the sign up as possible. Happy Bloggiesta!

  5. Kassiah

    This is a gret list, ! It’s very similar to mine and I’m excited to see what plugins you decide on. As for Discus, I don’t get the hype. It drives me crazy to have to login to different things to comment. Just my two cents.


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