My New Disclosure Policy

Update:  A few people in the comments section and on Twitter have pointed out to me that I neglected to add information about where exactly my husband and children did come from. I’ve remedied this oversight on my part.

So, yesterday, I was procrastinating (what else is new?), and came across this post at Problogger. I decided then and there (I’m impulsive that way) to revamp my Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

What did I do? I added a new section entitled “The Nitty Gritty” (the rest is legalese that I borrowed from and, I might add, very good reading for those nights when you have insomnia).

After all, what was more important? Getting a good start on all the deadlines lying in wait for me between now and January 11, or working on my much-needed (well, maybe not so much, since I’m in Canada and the FTC’s reach isn’t quite that long yet) disclosure policy?

(There are reasons why I will fight for the Procrastination Crown. Like, maybe because I work very hard to earn it …?)

Here’s the new part of my disclosure policy. Can you tell I had a really good time writing it?


In a nutshell:

1. Stuff that gets sent to me. I often get products for review here at MsBookish (usually books but hey, I’m hopeful for other things).

Rest assured, you’ll always know where I got whatever it is I happen to be blogging about, whether it’s from a third party like a publicist, publisher, manufacturer or author, or my mom, or a long-lost great-great-grand-uncle*, or out of my own pocket (in which case, I’ll probably also tell you where I bought it, why I bought it, my experiences buying it and whether I received adequate customer service while buying it.  Consider yourself warned.)

*but only if he puts me in his will

Note: I talk a bit about my husband and my children in my posts. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never disclosed where I got them from, so I will do so here. For the record, neither my husband nor any of my children were provided to me by a publicist, publisher, manufacturer or author. Not that I regret this, of course, but it does mean they’re nonreturnable.

As for where my children did come from, I’m sorry to say, but if you don’t know the answer to that one, you’re probably too young to be reading this blog. And my husband? Why, I found my blue-eyed boy doing his stuff inside a martial arts dojo, of course; before he met me, he virtually lived inside the dojo 24/7. So, as you can see, I was a Very Good Thing to have happened to him.

2. The content of my posts. I do not write nice, glowy things about a book or product because some third-party sent me that book or product to review. I write nice, glowy things about stuff because I happen to like the stuff I’m writing about. I will also occasionally write bad, non-glowy things about stuff, too, if I don’t happen to like the stuff I’m writing about. On the whole, I tend to be nice and glowy when I’m writing. That’s just a personality thing; I always call that glass half-full.

3. Paying the bills (aka I wish). Scattered throughout my posts are links to a number of online book stores. Occasionally, I might have links to other stores. If I can, I create an affiliate link. What this means is that, if you click on the link and decide to buy the product I’m talking about, or any other product in that particular store, I earn a small amount  in the form of a commission. When I say “a small amount”, I mean “a small amount” – Amazon, for example, pays pennies for each book purchase (well, okay, maybe sometimes a dime) – but if you’re in a shopping frame of mind, please feel free to support and click through one of my links before you go on a shopping spree. Pennies do, after all, add up. Very slowly, mind you, but slow is better than not at all, in my opinion.

4. Advertising or sponsorship. These are clearly marked. If you look, you will see them. Rest assured, they are never hidden (because, you know, it would be rather pointless from the perspective of the advertiser or sponsor if I hid the ads …). Some of my ads are affiliate links, in which case, see point 3 above.

And by the way, if you’re an advertiser or sponsor and would like to place an ad on, please let me know. I’d REALLY love to hear from you.

5. When you make a comment. You’ll notice, when you make a comment on any post at, that you need to enter a valid email address. (And if you haven’t been making comments, why not? I love reading my comments, and I try to reply to them, too. So stop reading this, go make a comment, then come back to finish reading. Everything should still be here when you get back.)

For the record, I do not collect your email address for any nefarious purpose – in other words, I don’t put them into a list to sell to some internet marketer for big bucks.

However, if I happen to reply to your comment personally, you WILL get a brief email telling you what I just said and inviting you back to add another comment if you so wish. And if you win one of my giveaways, I WILL use your email address to contact you; thankfully, you will NOT get a long distance call from me at 2:00 am (aka as the time for cheap long distance calls) informing you that you have just won something. (I can hear your sigh of relief all the way here.)

Which is why you need to enter a valid email, by the way, and not your phone number.

Please note: none of the nitty-gritty above is in any way a substitute for the full legalese, which is set out in all its glory below.

If you really, really want to read the rest of the legalese, you can see my Disclosure and Privacy Policy in full here. I personally would bookmark it for those nights of insomnia, but then again, that’s just me.

25 thoughts on “My New Disclosure Policy

    1. Belle

      You’ll have to tell them that Crown is mine, Kathy. But if they want to learn a few more new procrastination tricks to drive you even more crazy, tell them to give me a shout. :)

    1. Belle

      Thanks, Jackie! A few other people have pointed out that I left out that part of the disclosure policy, so I’ve fixed it. :)

  1. Barbara

    And my husband thought I was the top procrastinator! Personally I think the govt. (U.S.) ought to hire you to write tax forms, Social Security information, and all that other gobbledygook we get from them. Not only would we be able to understand it (fancy that!) but we would have fun reading it! 😀

  2. Margot

    I read that ProBlogger article the other day too. Then I put a note on my massive things-to-do list where it will stay for – who knows how long. See, I’m a good procrastinator too. Seriously, I loved the whole disclosure page. You covered the basics but it made for fun reading too.
    .-= Margot´s last blog ..Lunch and a Matinee: Two Good Movies =-.

    1. Belle

      If I’d had it on my to-do list, it would definitely not have been done. Maybe that’s the key to defeating this procrastination bug – make everything I need to do feel like such fun, I end up doing it thinking I’m procrastinating when I’m actually not.

  3. Dorte H

    I am far too lazy and irresolute to fight for the Procrastination Crown – I´ll just let you have it. 😀

    Glad I live in little Denmark and don´t have to spend my time telling anyone where I get my books from. I buy most of them myself, but I am also quite good at winning them in giveaways.

    I am also glad you won´t call me at two in the night (which would be your evening, I think), but even happier that you are not going to call me early in the morning. Whatever I had won, I would really feel like a loser.
    .-= Dorte H´s last blog ..This is just a draft =-.

    1. Belle

      Good, because I’ve got hold of this Crown and I’m not letting it go for any reason!

      I see that, like me, you’re not a morning person either …

    1. Belle

      An oversight on my part, Jill. You and a few other people caught that slip – thank you! I’ve fixed it now.

      Mind you, the creative juices aren’t flowing quite the way they were yesterday, but the addition will have to do until I get back into yesterday’s stride again!

  4. nat @book, line, and sinker

    i’m so sad to hear that you won’t be emailing or calling with some nefarious purpose. darn! i miss all those late-night phone calls from old boyfriends…but i’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t. ha!

    love your policy…very clear and humorous. the only concession i made to the FTC was to state the source of my books. too bad for them that most come from the library. :)

  5. Rebecca

    I love your brilliantly fun disclosure policy! I am apparently behind the times since I was under the impression that the FCC was not going to come after book bloggers after all. I guess I should do some sort of legalese. Perhaps I will borrow from or something too because nothing makes me procrastinate more than having to write fine print. (Heck, I have trouble reading it.)
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Friday Fill-Ins #155 =-.


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