My Current “In My Bag” Book

I have a little Kobo mini that stores a whole bunch of my ebooks. I keep that in my bag, so I can pull it out when I’m out and about and have some unexpected (or expected) reading time.

But lately I’ve taken to keeping a print book in my bag when I go out, too. Much as I love my various e-readers, I like having a print book with me as well. The Kobo Mini is for those times when I’m bored with the current “in my bag” book and want something different (plus it contains all my Pocket articles, a plus for me because sadly  I don’t have enough room on my iPhone to actually sync my Pocket app with my Pocket account).

Since I’m doing longer hauls on public transit nowadays in order to visit my mom, I’ve been pulling out my print book a lot.

For a while, it was a copy of Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey, because that’s a good book for dipping into every now and then, but my copy is a hardcover and I realized it was making my bag too heavy to shoulder around.

So I replaced it with a paperback copy of Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, a book that’s been in my TBR stacks for a while. I’ve taken to pulling it out on the ride to my mom’s place and back, and it’s just perfect for my new commute.

Good Omens

The best thing about Good Omens? Every few pages it makes me smile. Occasionally a half-strangled laugh slips out. It’s a book that makes me feel good, and that really makes it such a perfect subway book.

Only problem is, the story’s gotten so engrossing, I’ve pulled it out of my bag so I can read it around the house. Which means the next time I head out, I’ll probably forget to slip it into my bag. That’s if I haven’t finished it by then!

Do you keep a paperback with you when you’re out and about? Or do you rely on your e-reader for those times when you have an unexpected wait or travel time?

4 thoughts on “My Current “In My Bag” Book

  1. Audra (Unabridged Chick)

    I adore Good Omens. My wife and I started dating about 3 weeks before Valentine’s Day, so we were in that awkward place of gifts-or-not-gifts — and I landed on giving her Good Omens. I used to travel with a copy of Rebecca but these days, it’s just my e-reader — I love having so many options to pick from!

  2. Heidenkind

    I only read one book at a time, except for work reads, so I just carry my current read with me whether that be paperback or Ebook.

    I have to say I LOVE my Kindle Voyage. I used to read on my iPad/phone, but now I prefer the Voyage so much I usually take it even if I have my phone.

  3. Ti

    Last year, I could honestly say that you could always find a physical book in my bag, but these days, it’s mostly my ereader. Plus, I have to haul my backpack all over campus and every ounce has to be accounted for. When I did carry a book around, it was always wrapped in a Ziplock bag to protect it. I have a thing for bent book covers so the bag kept it from getting beat up in my bag.


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