My Bloggiesta To-Do List


I’m signing up for next weekend’s mini Bloggiesta (the sign-up page is here). If you haven’t participated in Bloggiesta before, it’s a great way to get some things done around your blog along with other bloggers who’re also participating.

Here’s my Bloggiesta to-do list for next weekend. It’s on the short side, because this is a deadline-heavy month so I won’t be able to invest as much time as I’d like.

1. Research new WordPress themes. I prefer the theme I was using before I upgraded, but that one had a single post page that didn’t include the sidebar. Now, obviously I’d figured out what to do about it when I used it previously, but all the changes have been lost and I wasn’t able to find any instructions that didn’t involve a “child theme”, which I’m not really ready to learn about yet! So next weekend, I’d like to put together a list of possible themes.

2. Find new templates for each of my three 365-day-challenge Tumblr blogs. Right now they’re each using the generic default template, which isn’t really much to look at. I’d love to find templates that fit the topic of each Tumblr blog: creativity, writing and short stories.

3. Re-organize my sidebar. As you can probably tell, it’s pretty cluttered right now.

4. Activate the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin. Which basically means I have to create a newsletter sign-up page.

5. Create a “Hire Me” contact page. You know, for all those people clamoring for my freelance writing services. They’ve got to be somewhere out there, right? And how can they offer their writing assignments to me if I don’t have a contact page?

Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle each of these to-dos next weekend!

Are you participating in Bloggiesta? What things do you need to do around your blog?

7 thoughts on “My Bloggiesta To-Do List

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      Oh no! Did I go overboard with this? You might have noticed, I have a tendency to do that sometimes. And here I was, thinking it was a small list! :)


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