Lots of people are posting their One Word for 2013, so no, despite the title of this post, let me assure you, More is NOT my one word for 2013. I don’t know what my word for 2013 is yet. It may take me until February or March to figure that one out.

But yes, this post is about more.


It does looks pretty materialistic, doesn’t it?

But I’ve been thinking a lot about more lately. Thinking about all the things I’d like to have more of in my life in 2013. Like:

MORE Reading

I started 2012 with four very broad, general intentions. And as we approached 2013, I was happy to see that I’d managed quite well with two of them: writing and meditation. And not too badly with the third one, exercise.

But I didn’t do as well with my fourth intention, reading. I had maybe TWO stellar reading months out of 12, which isn’t the greatest track record around. I’d like to change that this year.

Since the whole intention thing worked well last year, I thought I’d throw reading into play again this year. And guess what? I’m off to a good start! Yes, despite slogging my way through several deadlines that have prompted me to delay all my New Year resolution-ish posts until now, I’ve actually managed to read quite a few books already.

And readalongs! I’ve never participated in one, but this year, yes, I’m going to participate in at least one readalong. Jill at Fizzy Thoughts is hosting a readalong of Stephen King’s The Shining in February and Little Women in March. The Shining! Little Women! I mean, really, it’s irresistible.

So yes. More reading, and some fun readalongs.

Which brings me to:

MORE Reviews

Lately, I’ve been writing less and less reviews. I’d sit down to write a blog post, and I’d always have something non-review-ish that I’d rather write about.

But this past year, I realized something. Now that I have access to the Toronto Public Library, which I find to be quite well stocked in terms of my personal reading purposes, my TBR list has grown by leaps and bounds. With such a wealth of enticing books calling my name, I’ve been choosing what books to read based mostly on (1) the reviews and recommendations of other bloggers and (2) the reviews and ratings on Goodreads.

And recently the thought struck me: surely writing reviews is a way of giving back to this wonderful online community of readers, who so generously share their thoughts on the books they loved, the books they thought were so-so and the books that they really didn’t like. If other people’s reviews have helped me, then my reviews might help another reader somewhere, right?

So yes, I will be writing more reviews. I’ll post the longer ones here, and I’ll try my best to write short mini-reviews of as many books as possible on Goodreads.

And speaking of gratitude:

MORE Appreciation

This one is courtesy of the lovely Judy Clement Wall, a truly inspiring woman who’s doing a wonderful gratitude challenge right now. 30 days, 30 acts of (expansive, unabased, downright mushy) gratitude. Doesn’t that sound so lovely? (And if you’re into postcards, like I am, make sure to check out her lovely doodled postcards at Etsy.)

As Judy puts it:

I’m not talking about a gratitude journal here, or a jar, or a meditative ritual. Those are great too, but what I’m talking about is more communal. I’m talking about concrete, outward, unmistakable acts of heartfelt appreciation.

It’s writing something nice with the tip you leave in a restaurant. Telling someone’s manager what a great job they did for you. Writing thank you notes and sending ardent, immediate gratitude texts. Emailing a favorite author, blogger, artist, speaker, teacher, activist to say how much you appreciate their work. Calling someone to say, “the world is better with you in it.” Hand making a card. Treating someone to coffee. Giving, without reservation, your conscious, focused, undivided attention because someone you love deserves it.

I love the sound of this! I will be doing #lettermo next month anyway, writing a letter, note or postcard a day, so I’ve been thinking, why not start earlier? Why not start now? And why not make those letters, notes and postcards full of appreciation?

And maybe, just maybe, a little bit art and doodling too:

MORE Art and Creativity

I admit it. I say this every single year, but somehow 12 months whizz by and during that time I never seem to have the time to sit down and draw or paint or doodle.

That’s going to change this year. No, seriously, it is.

I may do a doodle a day. Start an artist’s journal. Learn to use my new camera properly. Bring gel pens to my world-building notebooks and add a splash of colour to my characters’ lives. Glue things with abandon. Sign up for pottery classes again. Learn to sketch. Draw mandalas again.

I figure, if I say so here, out loud, and boldly, with that MORE for emphasis, surely, surely, it will happen, right?

And there’s MORE. Only I can’t remember what the other things are, although a long list of them has been running through my head the past few days (of course when I sit down to blog about them, they disappear into the ethers). I’m sure they’ll come to me later. You know, when I’m not sitting down to blog about them.

But these four MOREs are the big ones for me right now.

What about you? What things would you like more of this year?

14 thoughts on “MORE

  1. rhapsodyinbooks

    Oh, I love the idea of more appreciation! I really must print that out and post it! Because it’s so easy just to glide by and NOT do it! Off to write an email of appreciation to someone right now! :–)

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      You’re so right, Jill. It’s so easy to not do it, but when I do, it just changes my world a little bit. Or at least, that’s the way it feels :) I’m hoping doing 30 days of this will morph into a lifelong habit!

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      Same here, Kathy. Definitely things that I’d like to do less of. Leaving time and energy for the things I want to do.

  2. j

    I want to do the readalong! I hopped over but couldn’t figure out how it works or where I sign up. I’ve never done a readalong before though so I’m excited. Help me! :)

    And thank you for mentioning me! xo

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      Jill may have a signup later on this month, Judy, but from what I’ve been hearing, it’s a fairly informal, flexible process (I love that part of it, too!). Most of the discussions will be on Twitter, so just use the Twitter tag #ShineOn in February to follow along and take part in the discussion. I’m not sure what the Twitter tag for Little Women will be but that one should work the same way.

  3. Joanna

    Sounds like your word for the year SHOULD be ‘more’! :-) I want. Ore reading, reviewing and creativity too, as well as more of some other things. More is a good word!

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      It is! The only reason why it’s not my word for 2013 is because there’s also some stuff I really, seriously, do not really want more of. :)

      I was clicking through links the other day, and saw someone had posted her One Word: journey (can’t remember which blog, unfortunately). I like that word – journey. There’s just a hint of mystery in it. But that’s not my word either. I’m starting to get the feeling for my One Word, though. That’s a good thing! It would be nice to have some focus this year.

  4. Bernadette

    I think I always want more reading, regardless of how much I am doing :)

    If I can achieve more of anything this year I’d like it to be more positivity – I am a natural cynic and I don’t imagine that’s going to change dramatically but I would like to train myself to see the positive side of things more quickly and easily. I think this will involve one of your ‘mores’ – active appreciation and gratefulness for all the good things in life.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I think you’re right, Bernadette. Appreciation can be quite a powerful thing. I tend to worry a little too much, so I’ll have to see whether I experience a shift in perspective as a result of this 30 day challenge.

  5. Charlie

    I love the quotation from Judy, the idea of leaving a note with your tip is really good. Sometimes service is so good that you’ll go back even if the food isn’t, but it feels awkward saying thank you. More reading here, too. I haven’t made the best start this year, but I’m working on it. You’ve a good lot of plans :)

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      Now comes the hard part for me, Charlie. Follow-though! :)

      The note with a tip idea is SO good. My daughter’s working as wait staff right now at a restaurant and I think she’d be tickled if someone left her a note of appreciation with her tip.


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