More Life Beyond Books

I deeply appreciated all of the well wishes I received last week about my husband’s knee surgery. And wouldn’t you know it, just when life was beginning to settle down again (my husband is doing well, using only one crutch most of the time, driving without any problems, and back to his great love, cooking!), I’m off to a conference in Orlando, Florida.

And since I will be packing a lot of books to read during the downtime, I expect that I will have a lot of things to post about! Not to mention, I recently finished three books, all of which are also waiting to be reviewed.

My plans had been to future post a bunch of reviews for the four days that I’ll be gone (following the example of some exemplary book bloggers), but I never did get around to it, with everything that’s been gong on, so I will be back with posts next Tuesday.

It feels strange to be away from my blog for so long … But it started snowing again today, and Florida will be a very nice change of pace!

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