Monday ramblings: NaNoWriMo Win, Readers’ Workouts and Book Buying Binge



It’s a little early yet, I know, but the writing’s been going really well and I actually “won” NaNoWriMo on November 22, the American Thanksgiving, but couldn’t validate my win until yesterday.

I am now firmly ensconced in “Act III” of my children’s novel, and could possibly finish the first draft this week. Or not, as I’m in for a very busy week. I had a number of indexing deadlines scheduled for earlier this month that were delayed and guess what? They’ve been rescheduled for completion this week and next!

Yes. Welcome to my freelancing life …

Readers’ Workout and #30DS

It’s a good thing I’m writing now about the 30 Day Shred Twitter group I’ve been participating in, because one thing I’ve noticed: when I’m busy, exercise is one of the first things that gets prioritized right out the window. Which is very, very sad because it should be in my top three priorities, right after meditation and writing.

Participating in #30DS has been really motivating so far, though, so who knows, right? Just knowing if I do get the Shred done for the day, I can send out a tweet to my #30DS support group really pushes me to simply get it done. That, and telling myself it’s only 20 minutes. (It’s really about 25 minutes if you count the warm up and cool down, which I do, because apparently I’m supposed to be getting 150 (or is that 160?) minutes of exercise a week).

#30DS is part of Joy Weese Moll’s Readers’ Workout challenge. Anyone can join in; the weekly post goes live every Tuesday and you can either blog about your weekly Readers’ Workout goals and successes, or chime in on the comments. If you want to do the 30 Day Shred with us on Twitter, just jump right in. We’re all doing different levels of the Shred so you don’t have to be at any particular level.

Book Buying Binge

I’m sad to say I went on a book buying binge yesterday (well, okay, not really. I’m actually really happy about it and enjoyed myself thoroughly!).

After my big book purge last year, before moving to the city, I swore to myself I wouldn’t go on such binges again.  I think I’ve done quite well, actually, since we moved last November and this is my FIRST book buying binge since we moved. I should be patting myself on the back, right?

Anyway, I blame Memory and Kailana. I saw their tweets about the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at Bookcloseouts (can you say 50% off already discounted prices? I can, over and over and over again!) and couldn’t resist taking a look – and then I was trapped! I spent yesterday doing indexing, taking a break to browse Bookcloseouts and add more stuff to my cart, indexing some more, taking another break to add more stuff to my cart, and so on.

I was up until 3 A.M.!! Bookcloseouts has only limited quantities of each book, and several of the books in my cart had only two or three copies left. I wanted to make sure I finished up the purchase before bed, because who knew if there would be any copies left in the morning, right?

As it was, I only managed to hit the following categories: Children’s Fiction, Children’s Non-Fiction, Art, Crafts & Hobbies and Cookbooks.

The sad news is, I only got two books for myself – I’m trying to be thrifty, so each time I saw a book I wanted, I checked the library, which had copies of nearly every book I was interested in. Right now I’m trying to buy copies of books that I’ve already read and really really loved, so I just couldn’t justify adding new-to-me books that are already available from the library (there’s also the NOT-ENOUGH-BOOK-SHELVES motivation).

The good news? I checked off a lot of people on my gift list! So that was very, very good indeed.

I can’t resist temptation, though. The sale at Bookcloseouts doesn’t end until tonight, and I still have all the Fiction categories to browse through. I just might end up with a second order!

7 thoughts on “Monday ramblings: NaNoWriMo Win, Readers’ Workouts and Book Buying Binge

  1. Word Lily

    I placed a BookCloseouts order yesterday, too. It took me forever, and I only got through Children’s Fiction! But I did end up buying a few books for me, a couple of which were apparently still in my cart from another sale (when I didn’t buy).

  2. Vasilly

    Congratulations on “winning” NaNoWriMo! What a great feeling! I’ve been wanting to go on a book binge but looking at my bookshelves reminds me that I don’t have the space too! :-)

  3. Rebecca

    I am SO glad I managed to stay away from all of the book deals this past weekend. I am on a self-imposed book-buying binge because I am flat broke. The deals have been tempting me but somehow I stuck to my guns and I am glad. I have more books than I can read right now and I really don’t need any. Doesn’t make me feel any less sad over missing out on all the bargain shopping. :(

    Congrats on NaNoWriMo! I totally bombed it. My first one and I bombed it. I guess it did not help I was sick part of the month and blah blah who am I kidding I am the world’s best procrastinator. But the good news is I did accomplish some and I am not going to quit just because November is over!

  4. Memory

    Congratulations on your NaNo win!

    Book Closeouts is a hard site to resist, isn’t it? I’m currently trying not to buy a $30-for-$15 voucher for there from Groupon, since I really don’t need more books and probably couldn’t make it to a full $30 order anyways, but I’m mighty tempted.

  5. Susan

    Congrats on finishing NaNoWriMo!! That is something big accomplished, I have a friend here in Ottawa who also completed it.

    Even better – no book buying binge for almost a year!!! And when you did, most of it was for others!!! Wow. I could never do that, I can honestly say. It’s more like, two for me, one for someone else…..Enjoy your books,Belle.


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