Messing About in My Husband’s Kitchen

CookingNo. This is not me. In case you were wondering.

It’s okay, we can talk about it – it’s not a secret.

My husband’s in the middle of a six-day karate seminar, so I’ve been messing about in his kitchen since Thursday.

I’m pretty sure, even as I write this, that he’s focusing extra hard on all his kicks and punches right now just so he doesn’t have to face the abject terror that fills him when he lets the image of me messing about in his kitchen come to mind.

He can relax, though. Even though I had all these great ideas about actually attempting a recipe or three, it’s now Sunday morning and I’ve only made omelets (twice), scrambled eggs (once) and sunny-side up eggs (once).

(Yes, I have this “egg” theme going here.)

And yes, ramen noodles. With a whole lot of “stuff” thrown in. Oh, and a couple of cans of chicken noodle soup.

Plus, we’ve had dinner out. Twice.

It works for me.

I’ll be glad when Wednesday finally rolls around, though.

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11 thoughts on “Messing About in My Husband’s Kitchen

  1. cbjames

    My husband recently started making “French omelets” which are just eggs cooked in butter. He learned how watching old Julia Child clips on Youtube. They don’t sound like much,but they are the best eggs I’ve ever had. You might want to check them out before the seminar ends.

  2. Care

    Fun post! my hub does a lot of cooking and I tend to eat VERY simply or not at all when he is out of town. I am craving eggs now, tho….

  3. Janel

    I tend to go for eggs when I’m alone or nearly alone. Don’t forget egg salad (particularly good with crumbled bacon). I’m just sorry the local Indian restaurant went out of business. I used to go there several times whenever my hubby went out of town.

  4. rhapsodyinbooks

    What a riot! something of a change, it seems, from the usual Ward-prepared fare! LOL (not that I can talk – about all I can do is “lift corner to vent before microwaving.”)

  5. Col (Col Reads)

    When I travel, my husband cooks eggs or barbeques (even in winter) so your post made me smile! But my daughters would be so excited if they could have ramen for dinner — I’ll have to remind them for my next trip!

  6. Barbara

    Dave used to cook a lot; now all he does is bacon or sausage and eggs for Sunday breakfast. And I hate to cook, but cook I must or we would starve. I must admit we eat out more than we used to, and if we have a big lunch out, we skip supper entirely.

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