Making some reading decisions

It’s odd. When I was busy with deadlines, I always knew what I wanted to read, even though I didn’t have that much time to read.

But now that things are less busy and I feel like I can actually breathe again – I’m having trouble picking what I want to read next! And as a result, I haven’t actually read much of anything over the past few days, even though I now have the time.


I knew this was going to happen, too. Last week, I posted a reading plan for this week. This is what I wrote:

So to ward off my tendency to fritter all my down time away doing nothing (sadly, I must include playing games on my iPhone and my tablet as “doing nothing” – it’s actually one of my favourite ways of doing nothing), I’ve decided to come up with a reading plan for next week.

See how well I know myself? The reading plan isn’t working, though, because I went ahead and finished Blood Harvest and I’m not in the mood right now for any of the other books. Not even The Dream Thieves, which I’m having trouble getting into (I think I need to check out the Raven Boys recap link Jill gave me). And the other books in my reading plan are either graphic novels or nonfiction, and I just don’t feel like reading either type of book right now.

But I do know if I don’t put a stop to this post-deadline dithering, I really will end up doing nothing for way too long.

So it’s time to make some reading decisions. I’ve been asking myself what I feel like reading, and the only answer I’m getting is “a really good story”. I can be so unhelpful at times.

I’ve more or less narrowed it down to these three choices:

Norwegian by Night


I discovered Norwegian by Night by Derek Miller when Bernadette blogged about it. This was the part of her post that particularly captivated me:

I can foresee that the novel’s hero, 82 year old Sheldon “Donny” Horowitz, will become one of my all time favourites. He is my idea of a perfect character. That doesn’t mean he’s a perfect person but that’s kind of the point. He’s just an ordinary bloke dealing with the hand life has dealt him with the kind of active practicality that I associate with men of his generation.

For a while now, I’ve been questioning why there’s such a lack of older characters in the fiction I’m reading, older characters who are real, who get to play one of the starring roles, who are not just a stereotypical depiction thrown into the mix to add some diversity. I put a hold on this book right after I read Bernadette’s post, and I now have it in my library stack.

Good Omens

good omens

I’ve been wanting to read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett for quite a while now. Also, one of my 2015 goals is to reduce my TBR by reading ten books, and Good Omens is on that list of ten books.

Not to mention, it promises to be a really funny read. And I may be in the mood for really funny.

Or not.

Dreams of Gods & Monsters

dreams of gods and monsters

I know. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I raved about the first two books in the series. And now I have Dreams of Gods & Monsters in my hot little hands … and I’m not sure if it’s what I want to read right now. I know it will be good, and the beauty of it is, the previous books are still really, really fresh in my mind.

But they were intense, especially Days of Blood & Starlight, and I’m not sure I’m ready for intense right now.

So this is what I’ve decided …

Tomorrow. I’ll pick one of these books tomorrow. For tonight, I think I’m going to head to bed early, maybe get a good start on my quest to become a morning person.  I had the entire day off today, and it’s really tired me out!

Want to help me out? Which of these three books would you pick?

9 thoughts on “Making some reading decisions

  1. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

    I can’t offer any suggestions on the three books you’re looking at, but I know the feeling of having time and not being able to focus. My only solution to that lately is to just pick a book and agree with myself that I won’t start a new one until I finish it or decide I’m not going to read it. That seems to be sort of working :)

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I think I need to do something like that, just to get myself started reading something. But if like to know why this happens whenever I have an abundance of time. It’s so unproductive!

  2. Jenni Elyse (@jenni_elyse)

    Grrr. I had a comment written and when I clicked Post Comment, my Internet died. Oh well. Anyway, what I said was I’m suffering from a book hangover right now. I’m afraid to start a new book for fear it won’t be as good as my last one. So, I haven’t read anything for a couple of days either.

    Out of the books you listed, I think the Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett one looks like the most fun.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      I hate those book hangovers! For me, it’s not so much the fear that that the next book won’t be good, it’s more of a surreal feeling, like I’m still somehow in the last book. It doesn’t happen often, thank goodness!

  3. Ti

    I am in the same boat. I was reading all through those rehearsals and now, I have no rehearsals and yet I am not able to read all that much. My mind just wants to wander a little.

    I just added Norwegian by Night to my Goodreads list. I have never heard of it before but it sounds wonderful.

    I am stressing right now. I have my book selection meeting tonight. We choose the the entire year and at first I had no suggestions because I thought I would not be able to attend and now I have like twenty and can’t narrow it down for the life of me. It’s very complicated even though the process is easy. We pitch two books and then vote, but some have read the choices or some HATED with a passion some other book the author wrote or they had a negative experience with a particular country, etc.

    If I had to pick my two right now, I’d go with The Sheltering Sky and The Boys in the Boat but I got some feedback from some others and they were like, nope… So then I thought The Children Act and The Paying Guests and someone else said, nope. So then I am thinking Tender is the Night but it was pitched last year and shot down. How can anyone shoot down Fitzgerald?? See my problem. And then there are the new books like Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant. Sigh.

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      Isn’t it funny how our minds work? I swear, I seem to get more done when I don’t have the time because that’s when I most want to do things. I become a slug when I do have time. I need to change this!!

      I’ve heard The Boys in The Boat is really good. I would have voted for The Paying Guests myself. There’s already 240 holds on The Buried Giant at my library – 240!

  4. Sarah's Book Shelves

    Ha! I appreciate your honesty! I haven’t read or heard much about any of the books you mentioned, but hopefully one will grab you. I do know the feeling of not having a book grab you and wanting one to so badly!!

    1. Belle Wong Post author

      And when it happens, doesn’t it seem so strange, because we’re surrounded by so many TBR books. You’d think at least one of them would be enticing!


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