Mailbox Monday: Hey! Where Did All The Books Go?

A very odd thing has happened: for today’s edition of Mailbox Monday here at there is very little to report. (Mailbox Mondays is hosted every week by The Printed Page, for those who want to join in on the fun.)

It feels odd because my entire week has been swimming with books; but when I sat down to write this post, I discovered there wasn’t much to report in terms of new arrivals for my TBR pile.

Here’s what came to the Ms. Bookish household this past week (yes, it’s a scant list …):

Triskellion, by Will Peterson. Here’s the synopsis from Amazon:

A sense of foreboding sets in the moment fourteen-year-old twins Rachel and Adam arrive from New York to visit their English grandmother. The station is empty, village streets are deserted, locals are hostile, and even their frail Granny Root is oddly distant. And what about the bees that appear to follow a mysterious force? It all seems tied up with the Triskellion — an intertwining symbol etched in chalk on the moors. With a growing sense of danger and white-knuckle suspense, the twins are compelled to unearth a secret that has protected the village for centuries, one that reveals a shocking truth about their ancestors — and themselves.

I also received a couple of audiobooks. These didn’t arrive in my mailbox, but I think audiobook downloads fall within the spirit of Mailbox Monday, don’t you? So here they are:

Holidays on Ice (unabridged), by David Sedaris. Thanks to Kathy for suggesting this one. I’ve been listening to it at night, and it’s very funny. Sedaris’ voice is a perfect match to the tone of his essays.

Tomb of the Golden Bird (unabridged), by Elizabeth Peters. I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Peters, but it’s been a while since I picked up an Amelia Peabody book, so I thought I’d give the audio version a try, since I’ve heard great things about the narrator of the series.

So that’s it for this week. I’m hoping next Monday the list will be a bit better.

6 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday: Hey! Where Did All The Books Go?

  1. Kitty

    I love Elizabeth Peters. I have Tomb of the Golden Bird in my TBR pile. I’ll have to try one of her books in audio if the narrator is good. I enjoy a good audio book.

  2. Ms. Bookish Post author

    No worries, Kathy. I’m enjoying Holidays on Ice very much!

    Wendi, it looks like your mailbox had a busy week. And Kitty, I love Elizabeth Peters, too (and the other books she writes, under the Barbara Michaels pen name). I’m looking forward to giving the audiobook a listen.

    Memory, my library didn’t have it, unfortunately, so I ended up getting it from Audible.


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