Knee Surgery …

Not mine. My husband’s.

He went in for day surgery on Monday, and he’s doing well right now.

I wish I could say the same for me. I didn’t foresee the extra work around here, for some reason.

He’s on crutches and is only supposed to put partial weight on his leg for the next four weeks or so.

He should be off the crutches in a few more days (fingers crossed). In the meantime, I’m suddenly finding myself holding down the fort all by myself – not to mention a good deal of running and fetching – and I’m not liking it very much!

So many things to do. None of which involve blogging, reading other blogs or Twitter. Hardly any email, either. But lots of driving, buying big heavy things (aka “stuff in bulk from Costco that we’ve run out of and really really need right now”), carrying those same big heavy things into the house (SIX trips back and forth, even with teenage help), and breaking up the ice on our way-too-long gravel walkway. (The rainy, warmer weather melted all the snow on the walkway, leaving behind the underlying slippery slabs of ice. This is NOT the way the whole rain and warm weather thing is supposed to work, I know, but there you have it. That’s what happened to our gravel walkway. And that’s why I was out there today, maniacally slashing at the ice with this rather interesting not-shovel that was made for doing just this kind of thing.)

Since my husband usually does the cooking, I’m now also finding myself running out to grab take-out, too. It was either that, or frozen entrées. Because when he discovered he loved cooking a year ago, I in turn forgot how to cook. I think I must have traded in those particular brain cells for more bookish ones or something.

So in light of all this, I’m off to bed early tonight to recuperate and rest up my aching muscles, armed with a good book (Reginald Hill’s latest Dalziel and Pascoe novel, A Cure for All Diseases – which, I think, is published in the States as The Price of Butcher’s Meat). I’m loving this one so far – Dalziel actually narrates part of it, and he is such a fun, politically incorrect, rude and interesting character.

I should be back to regular Ms. Bookish form in a few days.

8 thoughts on “Knee Surgery …

  1. Jessica

    Oh I feel bad for both of you! I managed to avoid surgery when I hurt my knee back in August, but it was a very near thing. I hated those crutches, hated the physical therapy even more, but I think the worst part was being so helpless! It still hurts pretty frequently… if I do one more thing to it, I’m really in trouble.

    Stupid knees! lol Hope everything goes back to normal soon!

    Jessica’s last blog post..Booking Through Thursday: Author Blogs

  2. Ms. Bookish Post author

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes. Things are finally starting to settle down – and Matthew, you were right. He does have to stay on crutches for four weeks.

    The good news is that he has been itching to cook, and as long as he’s using one crutch, he’s been able to cook and still keep weight off the knee! The doctor also told him he could drive (but I need to be there to push the shopping cart).

    I’m away at a conference later this week for five days, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be fine!


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