Inspiration Monday: Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! According to my “posting schedule”, today is Inspiration Monday, and I’m thinking that love and inspiration go hand in hand quite nicely (well, I don’t actually have a “posting schedule” – I just like the idea of it!).

We celebrated on Friday evening, with a “family” Valentine Day’s dinner at a local vegetarian restaurant, The Jasmine Garden. It was our first visit there, but most definitely won’t be our last – our entrées were really lovely, and even Dylan, the picky-eater, enjoyed his dish of pasta and sauce (to be on the safe side, we got sauce and parmesan cheese on the side, which turned out not to be necessary).

The two vegans in our group (my daughter and my husband) enjoyed the fact that nearly everything on the menu was “vegan-friendly”; they really enjoyed the vegan ice cream, too!

And to top things off, we discovered The Jasmine Garden as a result of this blog. This is a great example of the wonderfully synchronistic (and sometimes convoluted!) way this whole blogging thing works sometimes. Last June, I’d participated in the book blog tour for the Alison Dare graphic novels, by J. Torres and Jason Bone. As a result, I ended up following J. Torres on Twitter, and vice versa.

One day, in the fall I think it was, Torres tweeted about taking his wife out to lunch at a local vegetarian restaurant. I knew he lived in the town next to me, so I asked him which restaurant, and that’s how I discovered The Jasmine Garden.

Don’t you love how it all worked out?

Today, Ward (my husband) surprised me with roses and pho noodle soup take-out (does he know me, or what?!). So I got to celebrate Valentine’s Day twice.

I see now that this whole Valentine’s Day post has gotten very food-related (funny how that happens). I’m going to continue with a mini, just-for-me celebration tonight by making the bacon cheddar pinwheels Margot posted over the weekend! (I sometimes have to do a bit of cooking Monday nights, if Ward doesn’t have time to make something for dinner before he leaves to teach classes. He didn’t have time today …)

So today I’m realizing (1) how much I enjoy food and (2) how much food inspires me. Maybe it’s time to shake the dust off my old food blog (can one blog adequately about food when one doesn’t cook?).

How was your Valentine’s Day?

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5 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday: Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Dorte H

    What a wonderful day you had!

    Mine was very quiet for two reasons:
    1) we don´t celebrate Valentine´s in Denmark
    2) Saturday was my 50th birthday – we had what is called ´open house´- you invite guests via the local paper and just hope you have enough room & food. I had 80 lovely guests – wonderful – but I am still recovering 😀


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