Incoming! Wit’s End, by Karen Joy Fowler

Incoming! is a feature at Ms. Bookish that chronicles new books that have arrived in the Ms. Bookish household. Here’s the latest new arrival:

Wit’s End, by Karen Joy Fowler

Wit's EndAbout the Book:

At loose ends and weary from her recent losses – a father, a beloved brother – Rima Lansill comes to the home of her legendary godmother, bestselling mystery writer Addison Early, to regroup … and to search for answers. For starters, why did Addison name one of her characters – a murderer – after Rima’s father? But Addison is secretive and feisty, and consumed with protecting her famous fictional detective, Maxwell Lane, from the vagaries of the Internet. As one woman searches for truth, the other struggles to control the reality of her fiction.

Rima soon becomes enmeshed in Addison’s household of eccentrics: a formerly alcoholic cook and her irksome son, two quirky dog-walkers, and a mystery involving a stalker and Maxwell Lane himself. To her surprise, Rima discovers that the ultimate solution to this puzzle may be the new family she has found at Wit’s End.

First line: Miss Time was seated with her feet on the floor and her head on the table.

Received from: Another Costco impulse buy.

My initial thoughts:

I’m not sure what pulled me in with this one. It might have been “From the Bestselling Author of The Jane Austen Book Club” which was emblazoned on the front cover (despite the fact that I haven’t actually read The Jane Austen Book Club). It was probably the “legendary godmother, bestselling mystery writer Addison Early”. It was probably my quick scan of the first two pages while all the other Costco shoppers jostled around me …

Where to buy Wit’s End:

U.S. (

Canada (Chapters)

UK (

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