Incoming! Grads: Take Charge, by Kathryn Marion

Incoming! is a feature at Ms. Bookish that chronicles new books that have arrived in the Ms. Bookish household. Here’s the latest new arrival:

Grads: Take Charge, by Kathryn Marion

About the Book:

Today’s college grads are entering the workforce right in the middle of the most challenging economy and job market we’ve seen in decades, and entering the “real world” woefully unprepared to deal with all the new responsibilities they will be facing on their own.

Grads need answers, and they want them fast. In this comprehensive, right to the point resource are all the answers they need to guide them …

First line: Everyone wants to land a dream job and be successful at it.

Received from: The author, Kathryn Marion

My initial thoughts:

I don’t normally feature self-published books, but my interest was piqued by this book because over the next few years, my two oldest will be heading off for university. I look at them now and even though they’re both taller than me and have been for a while, they’re still, well, my babies. How on earth are they going to survive out there on their own once they get their degrees and start working for a living?

Grads: Take Charge has an interesting format: it’s mainly written in point form, giving byte-sized nuggets of information. Flipping through the pages, I see lots of practical bits of information. And there’s a section on “Your Life” that tells them how to keep their apartments clean. (Yes, the idea of that made me smile … I’m wondering if either of mine would like to get some real-life practice now?)

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2 thoughts on “Incoming! Grads: Take Charge, by Kathryn Marion

  1. Belle Post author

    Nicole, I always enjoy reading tip books on stuff like cleaning – I have a great time imagining “what if I actually did do all this stuff”. It only stays in “what if” land but it’s nice while I’m daydreaming it!


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