Incoming! Do-Over! by Robin Hemley

Incoming! is a feature at Ms. Bookish that chronicles new books that have arrived in the Ms. Bookish household. Here’s the latest new arrival:

Do-Over!, by Robin Hemley

Do-Over!About the Book:

Robin Hemley’s childhood made a wedgie of his memory, leaving him sore and embarrassed for more than forty years. He was stepped on in kindergarten and picked on at camp. He forgot his only line in a play in second grade and had completely lost his way by sixth. Now a middle-aged father, he’s haunted by his youth’s flops and failures, from the prom for which he was dateless to the fraternity that lost his membership.

But if kids have the luxury of calling “do-over!” when things go wrong, why can’t he? Why not return to his youth with an adult’s wisdom, perspective, and giantlike size?

At age forty-eight, a married college professor and a father of three, Robin sets out to face his formative challenges a second time. He becomes a kindergartner for a week, during which his classmates don’t understand why he gets a ride from his wife instead of his dad; plays his second-grade part, complete with angel wings and halo, in The Littlest Angel; returns to summer camp and confronts the swimming test one more time; samples fraternity life and redefines the fortysomething frat boy; sleeps over at a childhood home, where his room still exists, and even finally gets another chance to go to the prom – at his actual former high school and with his former crush!

First line: (From Chapter One) Most likely, you don’t remember your nemesis in kindergarten, but I remember mine, probably because I had two.

Received from: Hachette Books

My initial thoughts:

I was very pleased to receive this book for review: it looks like a fun read, and I love the idea of being able to call “do-over!”. Another great beach read, I’m thinking – we’re headed out to the Maritimes for holidays soon, so there’s lots of beach days ahead. Perfect timing.

Where to buy Do-Over!:

U.S. (

Canada (Chapters)

UK (

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