In Memory: “Untitled”, by Joy Wong


In my shapeless sundress, with no makeup – hair all back for practical reasons… going tanning of all things! You shared time with me, engaged me in your conversation and made me feel like I belonged. I did not know your names, or where you came from or anything about any of you. Nor did you know a thing about me. Regardless, I came away from the mere 15 minutes with you all feeling like I was a somebody… with something to say, something worth hearing and most importantly someone worth being. You may never know the difference you have made in my life, though trivial it may seem… to me you brought something I have never had… a feeling of belonging and worth and for this I am grateful… though you shall never know.

Joy Wong, 07/02

Update: In her memory, I post something written by my little sister, Joy Wong, on August 6 every year. She was a poet and an artist. Thank you for all your comments – she would have appreciated them all very much.

12 thoughts on “In Memory: “Untitled”, by Joy Wong

    1. Belle

      Thank you so much for your comment, Patti. Joy was my little sister – she passed away way too young. She would have loved reading your comment, to know that you wanted to know more, that it was a terrific start. I wish that the blogging/writing community had been around for her – she would have enjoyed it so much! I post something she’s written every August 6, in her memory (I’ve updated my post to add this). I like to think she’s up there, reading your comments, and loving that others are reading what she’s written.

  1. Rita Ramen

    Somehow at this time– old friends remain timeless…
    as we search to find those we were once close with..
    it is sad to learn that some may have passed on..
    so young to go… it seem so wrong…
    …But we know u r watching us from above
    …Smiling as we send u all our love…

    Dear Joy, today ur precious sister Belle, replied to me and let me know that
    you have passed on — 5years ago. I can’t believe it and I am sad for u, ur family and all of us who knew you. I wanted to let all your old friends and our old classmates know– incase they hadn’t heard. Ur beautiful smile & gentle spirit wi……ll remain forever in our hearts and memories! Much love n blessings xoxoxo Peace.

    Since I posted this on my wall on Facebook– many old friends have been so touched to hear this news about Joy and written in her memory. As much as Joy felt like 15 minutes with us meant so much to her– many old friends felt that special kinship with Joy as well. I know u r smiling down on us now gurl! Much love 2 u hon! Ur spirit is alive 4 ever! xoxoxo

  2. Janina

    My dearest friend,
    I’ve been thinking about you since we’ve lost touch. Hoping, you were safe and happy. Hearing that you are now asleep, my heart is broken. I pray that you’re in peace. My memories about you always makes me smile. You’re a beautiful and special person…


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