I is for Ingenuity (And Here I Take Care of J, K, L and M, Too)

I is for Ingenuity

Ingenuity? You’re looking at it! Isn’t this the most ingenious post ever? I don’t even have to resort to K is for Ketchup to write a catch-up post for the A to Z Challenge!

(And no, no-one has to know I actually wrote “ingenuous” in that first sentence, and there it stayed until I did a quick reread before hitting “publish”. Thank goodness for quick rereads before pressing “publish”. That’s all I can say.)

J is for Joe Richardson

… because Joe left me the most wonderful comment yesterday on my H is for Hearsay post, and brightened up my day considerably.

Joe’s one of the bloggers I’ve met through the A to Z Challenge, and you must visit his blog (well, read this post first, and THEN go visit his blog). He writes beautifully and takes wonderful photos as well.

Go visit. You’ll be glad you did.

K is for Ketchup

Not because I’m resorting to “ketchup” to write a catch-up post. But because last night, I did, I must admit, begin toying with the idea of using “K is for Ketchup”. And the following happened:

There I was, thinking about maybe saying Ketchup for catch-up. I opened the fridge, and a ketchup bottle launched itself at me, narrowly missing my foot when it came in for a landing.

I kind of took this as a sign that using Ketchup for catch-up was a no-go …

L is for Love Poems

And it really is a good thing I’m not doing these posts individually, because it would scar me for life to write an entire post about this.

You see, I’m not very romantic. My husband and I laugh about this (well, I laugh. I assume he’s laughing along with me, but I wouldn’t swear to it …), because we are such opposites. He is definitely far more romantic than me. (How romantic? Think rose petals strewn along the path romantic, and you’d be close.)

So I just want it on record that I finally did something sort of romantic. This past Monday was his birthday. On the Sunday night before, I spent three hours scouring the Interwebs for love poems – and I found SO MANY.

I used to say, I don’t really do the poetry thing. But after three hours of reading beautifully written poems, I take that back. I fell in love with poetry that night.

Anyway – here’s the romantic part: I discovered I could post the poems to Facebook as a note and set the note to private, viewable ONLY by my husband! So he had a nice surprise when he woke up in the morning. And not only was I being romantic, I was also able to say happy birthday even though I was still asleep!

M is for Magic

I’ve been tasting magic these past two weeks. It’s come in the form of two words:

Writing prompts.

I’ve posted two scenes/sort of flash pieces, both of them the result of writing prompts, and it has been truly magical. Each time, I pulled the prompts the day before, and some time later, the scene came to me. Complete, as in, it came with everything: characters, situation, conflict, descriptions, dialogue.

All I had to do was sit down and write everything down. I did one edit to tighten things up, but for the most part, I wrote them the way they came to me.

Yes. Magic.

And more magic: I’m all caught up!

5 thoughts on “I is for Ingenuity (And Here I Take Care of J, K, L and M, Too)

  1. Joe

    First, smashing comeback! I knew you would do it, and do it with flair!

    And second, AwwWww–you are too kind!

    Of course you realize that comment of mine was perfectly selfish. All about me, wanting to read more posts from you. And here you’ve gone and misconstrued it as something kind. Shameful.

    By the way, you better talk to the mustard. The way I hear it, Ketchup was pushed.

    And thank you, my new-found friend. You’ve brightened what promised to be a dreary day.

    m: Maine Event


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