Holiday Mode, The Strain, and Writing

This morning two technicians from Aliant swung by and set us up with a new modem – and now we are back online. But having the bit of downtime made me realize I was being a bit unrealistic, expecting to blog regularly while on holidays. I will definitely keep blogging, but won’t stress myself about missing a day here or there.

Much as I love Twitter, I suspect I’ll also be mostly absent from the Twitterverse while on holidays (I admit, IF my new-to-me BlackBerry hadn’t died on me, and IF we had cell reception here, I’d probably be tweeting regularly …)

The Strain

I read the The Strain, by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan yesterday – I started it in the afternoon and found I couldn’t put it down. I finished it last night before going to bed. It was such a good read, and yes, I can definitely see it as a movie.

It’s got such a lovely mix of ingredients: science, vampires, zombies, evil mastermind plot, rag tag band of heroes … the kind of thriller I like to read. I know it’s billed as a horror, but it felt more to me like an action-packed thriller that just happens to have zombies/vampires in it. You definitely want to clear a chunk of time for it, because it is an extremely exciting read and if you’re like me, you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away for mundane things like dinner.

On Writing

I won’t be working on NANTUCKET while I’m away – most of my files are on my desktop, and I think I’m in need of a break from it anyway. Instead, I have this dream that I might actually finish HARPER. I need to rewrite it from the beginning anyway, since I’m changing the tense of the sections that are in first person narrative. I’m aiming for 60,000 pages, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that I might actually be able to write 6,000 words a day …

I won’t stress out about it, but I’m definitely going to write every day, so keep your fingers crossed for me and HARPER!

The Touristy Stuff

The sun is fighting a battle with the clouds right now – it’s likely to be cloudy and rainy for much of the time we’re here, although we knew that when we booked our holidays. But it’s more warm than not, and since we just lived through a heat wave in Toronto with a broken air conditioner, the weather actually feels rather perfect to me. Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons, and it definitely feels spring-like.

I’ll post more pictures later – I’m just lazing around right now, having my coffee and enjoying being online.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Mode, The Strain, and Writing

  1. Rebecca

    You blew me away with 6,000 words a day! I would be scared to death of that goal! Right now I am aiming to just put my fingers to a keyboard or a pen to a piece of paper every day. I have been going through my old idea journals, too, and re-discovering some great material I had. I am the poster girl for no follow-through so I always have a million ideas that never come to fruition. I am working on changing it but it is going to be a slow process. I am trying not to overwhelm myself and keep it realistic so I won’t stop and drop out of the writing game once again.

    I do hope you are having fun on your holiday. Sometimes I think we forget what it used to be like when we weren’t plugged into the world 24/7. I know I do.
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Mailbox Monday =-.

  2. Ann-Kat

    60,000 pages huh? LOL (Just kidding, I know what you meant.)

    But, seriously, 6,000 words a day is definitely ambitious, but I know that if anyone can do it, you can.

    You are such an inspiration!

    And I hope you continue having a great time, Belle. You deserve this nice little break. 😀
    .-= Ann-Kat´s last blog ..Giveaway Winner: Giving Up the V =-.

  3. Marie

    I don’t think I could manage 6,000 words in a year :-) Well, maybe I could, but I doubt they’d be very good ones :-)


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